An increase in the number of leucocytes was found in cases with cavity formation, in chronic suppuration resulting from caries, in terminal exudative inflammatory processes, and in hyperplasia of the lympii glands in cases which progressed without extensive destruction.

Traction upon the spine of the recumbent patient is gotten by means of a screw that acts from the righthand triangle upon a block (threaded to fit the screw); this block having attached to its sides straps connecting it with a band that clasps the patient just above the great trochanters. Although it cannot be denied that sometimes purely local diseases of the mouth are the causes of the coated or dried tongue, yet daily experience teaches that acute disturbances of digestion chiefly produce a white coating, which subsides again in like measure with the improvement of the stomach symptoms. For a number of years he was retained by the Government as a consultant in X-ray work at the Veterans Hospital.

All teeth and all necrotic tissue thoroughly removed under general anesthesia. Early in the period of war the demands on our force for trained a'd experienced employees in the meat-inspection service were felt. This was accordingly done, the adhesions being swept away with a rapid movement of the hand. (Hon.) Siloam THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Griffith, L. To steady the esophagus and define iis walls, an esophageal bougie may be inserted. Unexplainable"poor risk" of one individual as compared to the majority of cases, is a source of constant worry to the physician. In any event, proceed to trephine. In combating disease by preventative measures it is most often necessary to take the prophylaxic treatments sometime before its use is needed.

When the left side of the heart is enlarged, both the superficial and deep-seated dulnesses are intensified below and to the left; the same takes place over the sternum and beyond its right border when the right side of the heart is enlarged. There was neither peritonitis nor gangrene.

He is touched only by cold, stem, and unlovely facts. The muscular contraction which takes place in the action of turning the head on its axis, narrows the lumen of the vein, and thus strengthens the sound. It is, of course, impossible to accomplish this fixation of prolapsed ovaries except by celiotomy. These wounds are for the most part lacerated wounds, although Naturally, a large proportion of such wounds will be fatal, laying open the great cavities, lacerating the viscera, or mangling the limbs. It is conceivable that such conditions as acute online tramnatic bursitis and tuberculosis of these bursse may occur. Abdominal cerebrospinal fluid dosage negative for bacteria.

No one doubts the chennai importance of a systematic approach, in medical examinations. Please mention the JOURNAL when writing to advertisers lower Adirondacks, four miles from tablets Saratoga Springs Reservation, and within walking distance of three mineral springs. When you reach a patient after rupture of an extrauterine pregnancy, the pain and collapse call for a full dose of morphine, one-fourth to one-third of a grain with one-hundredth of a grain of atropine subcutaneously, and this may have to be repeated.

Markoe, founder of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and tor many years identified with all its interests, died recently in this city.

Unfortunately with the most conscientious effort at personal follow-up many cases are lost sight which were found at some time subsequent to cent of the cases who have had forte post-operative basal metabolic tests. Thomas has reported, that the condition varied from a simple transudation of blood to an inflammatory process. A similar revulsion of feeling and conviction is apparent beyond the French frontier, and the suicide of Bresci at Stefano, the tragic"life-in-death" of Passanante at Montelupo, and now the maniacal outbursts and terrible fate of Luccheni at Eveche, will go far to bring about the revival of a punitive method rescinded on grounds of sentiment rather than of legislative wisdom. But, even if we concede its possibility, two things still attract our attention: first, that so many children exist with considerable swelling of these glands without contracting whooping-cough; secondly, that the duration of the latter does not always coincide with the duration of the swelling of the glands, but is generally much shorter. There are, however, some features of our public health program which should North Carolina was the twelfth State in the Union to recognize governmental responsibility for the protection and promotion of the public health, and to create a governmental agency specifically charged with the duty of meeting that responsibility. The abdomen was slightly distended.