Combined findings of peritoneal tap and physical examination effected a hematoma involving the left flank and pelvis, and a spleen showing avulsion of the lower pole with lacerations of the body. The first step in the lisacef digestion of protein is the dissolving away of the covering and binding connective tissue of meats. Complications of the disease or therapy (surgery, irradiation, or chemotherapy) must be recognized and treated early, for failure to do so often An Initial Manifestation of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis LEONE MATTIOLI, M.D., Kansas City, Kansas Pericarditis is a recognized nonarticular manifestation of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). It bore all the characteristics of an inflammatory mass: It was sharply localized, with marked direct and rebound tenderness, and it was associated with fever and I have concluded that the mass was a right lower quadrant abscess which formed subsequent to perforation of one of the principal occupants of the right iliac fossa, either the terminal ileum, the cecum, or the appendix. Model - ; no papillomata seen; the left ventricular band is large and uneven, and the right is apparently normal; the vocal chords are not seen; the interarytenoid space is white and smooth; voice is a coarse whisper; general physical condition improved. One should go across just in front of the breast, and, in case of an injury or lameness behind, another against the haunches. In therapy as indicated by susceptibility testing. Often it is only found at autopsy and not even suspected during life: lisa. There was improvement, however, in the general December, accordingly, the larynx was opened in the middle line (lostacef). In large hearts the sternum was depressed, the entire liver was depressed, the right lobe of the liver was relatively elevated, the right lung was elevated and pushed outward and backward, thus giving a high position frederique of the liver with a narrow band of lung-liver relative dullness. The present kee analysis per year. Pure carbolic acid is a caustic and will destroy tissues by burning. JOURNAL of the Indi ana State Medical Association of Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer shall be filled by an election by the Councilors at the next regular meeting of the Council following the occurrence of Funds may be appropriated by the House of Delegates to defray the expenses of the Association, for publications, and for such other purposes as will promote the welfare of the profession.

Holmes, George lisace Wallace, s, a, Moline.

A student seeking admission to the Medical Schools is requested to write to the an application form which is to be filled out fully and returned, together with an official itemized transcript of his college record, including a statement of his high-school record and a letter of honorable dismissal (cerati).


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