All these, after a three "effects" days' mild attack, remained free from the pestilence, while their fellow-laborers, similarly exposed to the fever, were dying on every hand. This part of the procedure correction of septal deflections is must be done thoroughly and carestill valuable in certain selected cases, fully, for on it depends the success A special set of instruments is re- of the operation. The present case brings out the possibility that arterial disease may effect"the same result in one of the favorite sites for functional pain. Fairchild, of Wisconsin, informing me that he has placed my letter in the hands of physicians who will at once furnish the I fear my catalogue of sorrows will seem like a dreary reiteration. When a tablets child is entered upon the depot books, Council is intended for those infants whose mothers are not able to suckle them. Such intervals as the Court of price Examiners may appoint. By the local use of a solution of nitrate of silver first, and then of the lotio nigra, the ulcers thoroughly healed in the space of one month, and left two small hard nodes underneath the cutis. The cystic dilatation plus of the gland spaces.

Very many interesting data never befire collected together are presented. It, therefore, passes out banned of the body in the faeces, from which it can be readily extracted with ether. Alfred Loomis promised the support of his great name, and offered, should I succeed in establishing such an institution, to examine applicants in New York free of charge, a service which he rendered the institution until his The first subscription was given me by Mr: side. Importance of the observation of temperature during the early days of infant life and discusses the literature. Gottheil's excellent article on the subject. Dissimulation is the mother of lies, and as the teacher is, so will be the youth. Before marked lividity or jactitation occurs, air should be ad- known to be likely, prevented by increased by lifting the lower jaw up- cent, solution of cocaine, thenic patients, both rapid anesthe- middle age, is generally remedied by tization and rapid return to conscious- admission of air or oxygen; if not, the ness or perception of pain are charac- nitrous oxide anesthesia should be teristic. Of the published formulas in making an active, solid extract to represent the medicinal virtues of this drug: lomofen. Then it needed dosage an earthquake to awaken that interest.


The one that has impressed us the most favorably is the exceedingly sensible and practical article on"Private Sanitarium Employment," by Miss Alston, of New York.

In view of the pending discussion in our columns on Emmet's operation for the sewing-up of the alleged frequent lacerations of the cervix, the following extract from a London letter (which appeared last year in the composition Louisville Medical Journal, and is being once more quoted and taken as a text in various journals) may be read with amusement, possibly with instruction, just now. He said it would appear that they knew something of wound infection, though it was empirical; that even three thousand years ago surgeons always boiled their instruments and washed wounds only with boiled water. Wheeler and his associates in their efforts to point out to Congress that a tax on tooth pastes will seriously embarrass and image handicap one of the most important movements for health. Be kept scrupulously clean by spraying or douching with normal saline solution, or a saturated solution of boric acid.