It seemed that all we tablets would have to do would be to write to the doctors in each county -and ask them to meet together, elect officers, adopt a constitution and by-laws and apply for a charter. In cases of doubt as to the possibility of syphilitic meningitis, Wassermann reaction, and treatment with antiluetic remedies will ascertain the nature of the condition. Hope pointed out that treatment had hitherto received an overwhelmingly greater amount of attention than prevention. I trust that this is sufficiently lucid for the average comprehension, for I hardly like to rest under the imputation that I have never seen, read, or heard of a septic peritonitis following perforation of the Dr. In another similar case in addition to the deep sleep, there was marked rigidity of the neck and the attending physician concluded that this was a case of tuberculous meningitis. Wounds and injuries, resulting from their hunting the buffalo, and from their waging war upon one another, are very common. There are, besides, good fishing and shooting in the vicinity. Other systems are developing critical pathways using to systematize the decision process.

They were lined by cylindrical epithelium.

Boston and THE JEWISH FAIRY BOOK. In normal cases the average percentage of free to total acid was forty following the Ewald test meal. Then thoracotomy should be uses done immediately, without waiting for pus formation. Demonstrating; that narcotic solutions of chloride of zinc, varying from one to five per cent., into the same portion of a muscle of a rabbit, a fluid impregnated with muscle was found disintegrated, but there was uo pus. Should be combated, where they require it, according to the well-recognized rules of therapeutics. In addition to the usual bands and banners of friendly societies which accompany these processions, there were tradesmen's carts, decorated with flowers and vegetables, the name of the owner of the vehicle being, of course, conspicuously visible. I remember one case, a woman aged thirty-eight, where the disease burst through the skin in eight months, and four months later the whole breast was a huge, tense, globular mass, with wide f ungating holes in it; the axillary and supra-clavicular glands were infected, and no operation was possible. After some months of continuous work we are tired in a different way; the night's rest and the weekly day of rest do not suffice; we want change of scene and a sustained rest. The richer the soil, the greater the predominance of the latter growth amounting, in some instances, to an almost entire exclusion of the grasses; so that, in the language of the country, a distinction is made between grass prairies and weed prairies; the latter being the character of much of this section of country.


The combined flap of bone and soft structures is now turned down, and bleeding arrested by ordinary means. An X-ray plate made after a bismuth medicine meal showed practically the entire stomach in the left pleural cavity. Hyperplastic conditions of inferior turbinates; congested and thickened condition of mucous membrane in tab naso-pharynx.

True porencephalus may correctly be described as a congenital condition, inasmuch as it usually dates from the fifth to the seventh month of intra-uterine life.

There was now shortening to the extent of from an inch and a half to an inch and three quarters. By thus increasing the materials gradually and with a rest period no cumulative action, toxic or untoward efifects have occurred.

Its trough represents the intermenstrual period. Manuscripts are subject to editorial revisions as deemed necessary by the editors and to such modifications as to bring them into conformity with Journal style. I remember the case of the late Mr. McKenzie and the narrative drags in spots, particularly toward the end. With antiseptic precautions, the former were not dangerous. Bis vel ter in die), without local applications, but a weak boracic acid or oleate of zinc ointment can be ordered at the same time. This is the appearance seen in Cajal prep arations. The latter does not belong exclusively to lues because it has been observed in tuberculosis and chlorosis.