I spent more than an hour with him, in company with some friends, who had called on him. These cramps occur more frequently in the upper extremities than in the lower, and occasionally they are confined to the muscles of the neck. Cat'bbmoub Si'rus, Si'nue Cuvemo'eue Ben eell'ee egui'nee lat'eribue appoe'itum, (F.) Sinue cavities of the dura mater, filled with a uses multitude of reddish, soft fiiaments, interaectiag each other; haokwards on the fides of the fossa pituitaria, and terminate by opening into aoavi(y, oommon to the superior and inferior petrosal sinuses.

One of the most striking results of radium therapy is that the secretions which are often offensive disappear almost in every case. In connection with anaesthesia, operations, or lavage, the catastrophic deaths have already been alluded to. An instrument invented by Hughes for testing variations in the structure or composition of metals oy the currents which they generate (lotel).


Doubtless the gastro-intestinal accidents produced by this latter salt have bjeen much exaggerated; still, it is no less true that the sulphate is much more irritating than the bark in substance; first, by reason of its greater solubility; and again, because it has not the is modified by its intimate association with a vegetable acid, which, - to a slightly perturbating action upon the nervous system, joins those eminently characteristic of Peruvian bark. Fleetwood Churchill, of Dublin, the author of the weil-known work on obstetrics, has retired from active practice. In the case of the writer, e.xperience of sanitation in war was gained during some two and a half years with the original Canadian e.xpeditionary force in England and the British army on the Western front.

The finger tips, with or percussion is usually more distinct though requiring terminals of the various substitutes for finger percussion, also have an appreciable size. It was, however, a pity that some method could not be devised to get the serum from a lower animal; but as it has been impossible to experimentally infect human beings, and the specific cause being unknown, it would be at present impossible to obtain serum from lower animals. And one of the most important of these is the physical or structural impediment that may arise from a rigid os uteri. Livingston Farrand had had chai-ge r the work and deserved a great deal of credit for the diplomatic way in which he had handled the situation, and it was only right that all should know that it was due to his successful leadership that they had been able to accomplish what they did. The liquor plumbi is by this action scattered about, and wherever it falls there will drop remain a white spot. "The morbid appearances less frequently met with were adhesions of the membrane, and the softening of the surface of the convolutions: false membranes, or extravasated blood. The resin of the Pinue Cembra, a tree which grows in Switserland, Libya, and the Krapac monnuins "ls" Bal'sam, Cob'dial, op Sbniisr'tvs, BaVtamvm nert. There was no hJl or other injury to cause the accident The fracture occurred spontaneously while the man was walking about He was put to bed, and Listen's straight splint applied. Plaintiff's attorney produced a very new-looking, red, cloth-bound book, of apparently two or three hundred pages, something of the size and shape and general appearance of Maudsley's little work on"Responsibility in Mental Diseases," a copy of which was given me by a physician shortly after he found that I was appointed Probate Judge, and which I took as a delicate hint that my primary education along that line should begin. We meet with them every day in practice.

Post Surgical Treatments of Wounds When writing Advertisers please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine while at the same time secure for the little patient, have been raised successfully, in many instances Samples, Analysis, Feeding Charts in any Welfare," will be mailed upon receipt of from guns, all these cells are to bubbles, eight times normal size. The eyeballs protrude so as to expose a broad rim of the amount of protrusion varies, within certain limits, with the degree of nervous excitement, being always much greater when she is agitated.

About twelve hours before death, which occurred slower and softer, and the surface covered with a profuse perspiration: the extremities retained a pleasant temperature. Cederschiold before the Swedish Medical Society, and it is of interest, as being another instance where injection of fluids into the uterine cavity has been followed by sudden death. Tomorrow, tomorrow, not perhaps distant tomorrows, war may be abolished forever from the category of human crimes. Am endeavouring at the present time, with Mr. Ethel Wood, secretary of the Local War Pensions Committee, London, Capt.

A day or two before the expiration of her time of utero-gestation, she usually eye gets fidgety and uneasy; she selects her bed; and about this period the secretion of milk has generally commenced.