Examinations of the it is probable that these bodies are not artificial, nor the results of during the acute stage, but also during convalescence and for some" surgical scarlet fever," from the reports of cases pubhshed from time to time in various journals. Fortunately, for Boston, there are no steamship lines trading with southern Italy, and the only immediate duty liable to fall upon her health officials is the hunting up of the families or individuals, who, having slipped through New York, come here as they may go elsewhere through the country. Cohen's statement as to the bactericidal power of the blood interested me tablet greatly. Flexion was reduced about one-half. There was an opening at least three-fourths of au inch in length, and edges of the rent were slightly everted.


The same addition of carbolic acid produced no effect, even when a much larger percentage was used." He also adds:"The action of creoline preparations surpasses by far those of carbolic make." A comparison between creoline soap and a one per cent, sublimate soap resulted largely in favor of the former. One point was particularly dwelt upon, the happy choice medicine of the name," Imaginary ulcera tion," since the appellation of glossodynia, as preferred by some, did not at all apply to such a distinct nervous trouble.

In twenty per cent, it jiersisted in spite of remedies from the beginning to the end. The evidences of late hereditary syphilis may consist in the evidences of previous lesions, in the modifications of growth that take place under the influence of the disease, and in lesions still active at the time when the patient appears for advice. This can be very readily accomplished by increasing to a considerable extent the thickness of the sole and heel of the shoe to be worn upon the foot of the unalfected side. The pain attains such a pitch as to cause the patient to scream out. There are still grinding five, in whom the disease is known to have made considerable progress.

The emetic should be well diluted with warm water, made sweet with liquorice or sugar, and given in broken doses, at tablets intervals of fifteen to thirty minutes until effective. Twenty-four hours after the operation was up and dressed, with the bandage pushed to the top of his head.

Connubial love is dying out, and homes are ceasing to exist. Aside from the causes controllable by the patient the most potent source of a relapse is the effort of the handicapped uses wage-earner to provide for himself and his family. The ears cleaned with per-oxide of hydrogen, and dried, 500 then boracic acid blown into the tympanum. Burnett's (Sir William) Disinfecting Fluid. He believes the affection to be entirely di.stinct from the so called asthma thyricum or laryngismus stridulus, and from spasmus glottidis infantum. For Women Students a separate Laboratory for Practical Anatomy and Special Common Rooms are provided. If the peritonitis has become suppurative, and we can locate or if we have reason to believe that the pus has become encysted, then it is, in my opinion, best to wait, suspension and build our patient up on tonics, good nourishing diet, plenty of fresh air and sunshine and cheerful surroundings. A GERMAN BATH IN SCOTLAND-UP-TO-DATE.

When we compare the literary activities of medical men with those of other professions, and note the sameness and lack of vigor and force in the presentation of medical ideas, we are surely impressed with a contrast which is not mg on the credit side of medical literature. Men of keen perception are everywhere beginning to recognize the right of women to compete for educational What will the opponents to women earning literary titles say to this? Linn College has conferred the degree of A.

It at price once, and forever, antidotes and stamps out that spirit of cold isolation and censoriousness from which spring envy, jealousy, detraction and the whole brood of vices and littleness that derogate so much from professional standing in popular estimation, and mar so sadly the intercourse of the members one with another. It is perfectly dry, glazed, and shining. To call a child nervous to his face should be as grievous an error as to term him an"ugly duckling." It is the 250 doctor's duty to teach the state's inhabitants this fact, and not encourage hysteria, by foolish sympathy, unwise talk or ignorant diagnoses of"railway spine." Many wrecked lives and useless citizens are made by unwise advice given by doctors, into whose hands persons with slight injuries first fall for treatment.