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Proliferation of vessels and rod-cells were also present in the cortex. Such experiments (previously reported) were conducted by Dr. The interest in the question has been general, both within and outside the medical profession.

He regarded appendicostomy as very valuable, and it was at present the operation of choice in intractable constipation. One class consists of the preachers, and the other of doctors. I once had to care for a mapfoldl patient who had been struck by an express train and not killed, though pretty badly injured.

He made an extensive examination, even to exclusion of meningitis by drawing fluid from the spinal canal, and decided the case was either tubercular coxitis or infective epiphysitis: fsharp. The diagnosis is difficult and is made only after a careful study of the case and exclusion of other causes. Abundant evacuations followed almost immediately upon the operation. The question is an important one, and until systematic, prompt reports are available for the health authorities the year around, the work of disease control and prevention must remain at best imperfect and far from satisfactory in the rural sections and small towns.