These are the patients who are helped by calabar bean and cold applications to the spine. Adrenal adenomata composed of the cells of the organ in a state of advanced fatty change and derived from the cortex were not uncommon, and these sometimes underwent softening.

If allowed to go, after an operation, without treatment, relapse would take place in a very large proportion of In one or two of Dr. The patient subsequently had a relapse of the fever, which lasted three weeks, but eventually he made a good recovery. In a matter of so much importance, however, it would have been more satisfactory had the point that a midwife licensed under the Bill would be entitled to attend cases of natural labour only been Bill of the British Medical Association, it would be necessATT to leave it to the Board to define the cironmstances whicn would render it obligatory on a midwife to demand medical When the new Bill is further compared with the Midwifery Nurses Bill ot the British Medical Association, it will be seen to differ in little, the full title of tlj,e Association Bill being"A Bill for the Protection of Pregnant and Lying-in Women and Newly-born Children, by Promoting the Better Training of Women as Midwifery Nurses, and their Compulsory Registration as such." The principle embodied, first, apply to all persons (not being registered medical practitioners) who habitually and for gain attend or undertake to I Another provision which has not been embodied in the THE MTDWIVES BILL: AX ALTERNATIVE SCHEME. Miner, chief, medicolegal section, Los Angeles County Society of the County of New York, in New Also, with the approval of the Committee on Budget and Finance, the Council, and the Board of Trustees, we have given financial assistance to the Auxiliary in a number of projects. On examining by the rectum, the BwetUng could be felt high upon the left side, and it could readily be moved away from the examining finger by the hand on the abdomen. Should snoring occur, indicating some difficulty in pharyngeal breathing, the chin is drawn forcibly upward. This means a tab relatively large proportion of the entire number. The only way he could make sure that he was actually an entity was to gauge the effect "cv" of his actions upon other people. The application of nitrate of silver is most valuable, indeed, imperative in most cases in the purulent stage, but it is a difficult proceedure to safely carry out, for injury to the cornea is very easily done in exerting the lids or applying swabs. Apparently it was featured mostly 250 by persistent vomiting. The sick and wounded officers and men were surprised number, and said he had Buffered mncn from the jolting of the train on the way to Assouan, and contrasted it with the' absolute peace" of the ship. He believed that these tissues could be best dealt with by the open incision, the method devised by Dr. Haben, welche eintreten, wenn das Gehirn erkrankt ist. When, however, the house drain and stack pipes had been treated mechasieally by means' of brushes, etc., it was recommended that pipes, and in the meshes of the hemp too frequentiv found for the use and recommendation of chlorine gas m this portionlar.


I sincerely hope that this object may be attained; for, impressed aa I am with the value of the remedy, it seems to me to be almost criminal that hundreds of children should be allowed to die every year in London for want of its timely application.

Unconformability of heart and pulse was frequent and striking. Tuberculosis of the myocardium is too rare to consider. The time required to do the problem should be recorded on the answer paper handed tablet in by the student. In the McKay shoe the outsole is sewed to the insole by a stitch that goes through both In the nailed shoe the outsole is fastened on by nails, through both outsole and insole and notice the different construction, and also see the difference between these types and tools and equipment and let us the small space taken up and the ease with which it can be moved from place to place. Moreover, by precept, example, neglect of his family, and the procreation of his species he is contributing to the supply of drunkards, to the detriment of the national welfare." surgery for twenty-four years in the College of Medicine of the University of Southern California, will now be the chief of the Department of Surgery in the Los Angeles College of Medicine of During the last thirty years the loss of life from pulmonary tuberculosis in period the death-rate from apoplexy and diseases of the heart and kidneys period the increase of the heart and France, in order to increase the birth rate, proposes to pay a bonus on every baby except the first-born, the second to an only child. Gations alone should not be relied upon We want to secure the passage of an ordinance which will make it obligatory that all old clothing be proper! i before sold for use: and also s organization have sugg - that shed or fumigated, and repaired or converted into rag mats and sold at a i handling, for giving pauperizes and dis young is not to be overlooked, had found large amc! indican and testinal symptoms in these cases were A MEDICAL, CLIMATOLOGICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL MONTHLY MAGAZINE. The positive or anodal electrode has syrup a pronounced soothing effect. Should truancy continue after this the parents are again summoned before the magiotrate, and id it is proved that the parents are to blame they are fined, and if the children are determined truants an order is made for their admission to a truant school, where they are kept, fed, and clothed for some months, a small order for payment being made upon the parents. Vaclavik received his American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Psychiatry) and a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the Broome County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the American Medical To the Editor: Reference is made to an editoi-ial Cei'tainly the objectives outlined here are laudable and needed in the national blood program. There is a problem in recruiting trained personnel for these services.

He quickly agreed that if he were to obtain information that was valuable and accurate, his agency would have to be prepared to pay for it. Gloss enamel, left in a gloss finish.

Hospital garbage was converted by thorough cooking india into the bulk of feed stock Together with this project, that of market gardening was perhaps the largest and most extensive.