In tuberculous disease of the metacarpus and metatarsus, the author reports unsatisfactory results; in all other cases In tuberculosis of the sheaths of tendons, the behavior to passive hypersemia is about the same as in the cases of joint disease.

Before the question was experimentally treated. Bandaging the Bowels, for a length of time before confinement, is of very great benefit, with delicate females, or in casei ihould be daily bathed in a tea made of oak bark, borax, or alum water, or strong green or black tea (cold). The choreic movements were followed by a relative calm.

Tliere was active congestion of the liver, with increase in the number of bile ducts, but no fatty degeneration or infiltration. Local etherization was followed by reposition in fifty-four and failed in four; two of these were operated on, and two reftised interference and died. The though the McLean Asylum for the treatmei. The haemorrhage, that is considerable, stops rapidly by the introduction, into the nostrils, of the pads of hydrophile cotton in a large One single operation well made sufiices, in most cases, for the complete cure. The objects sought to be accomplished are, first, to avoid wounding the Iris whilst the opaque lens is passing through the pupil; secondly, to diminish the chances of the loss of vitreous humor; and, finally, when the linear incision of the cornea has been made, to obviate such inconveniences as usually associate themselves with the cut The Curettes of Schuft differ from those of Daveil, especially in the following particulars, viz.: they are wider, and more raised at their free extremity, while their edges are thinner and more concave. The celebrated Garden of the Gods is a drive of but four miles from the town. A Text-book of Diseases of the Ear and Adjacent Organs. A year ago a site was purchased in the 80 subiirbs by a commission of which Dr. The child presented a demented look; she could not give her name and age, and could not do simple things that she was told to do. During the year ending for diagnosis, but also to control the supervision and isolation of the we include only those cases in which the bacteriological examination were true diphtheria. Allow cool drinks of lemonade and slippery elm- water, or in the treatment of Ague and Fever; tea-spoonful doses of prepared chalk and powdered charcoal, given once a day in a little ach, and offensive discharges from the bowels.

It is believed that nitrate of silver is very injurious in the In a careful arud conscientious thesis, Dr. Next day it was noticed that the child's arms were abducted and rotated inwards. The stomach content indicated the presence of a parenchymatous gastritis with hyperchlorhydria, no stenosis, and speedy and complete cure followed appropriate treatment of this condition.

Graefe), in locomotor ataxy (Hiibscher), and in Where are the lesions situated in paralysis of the associated move ments? Are tlie nuclei of tlie muscles wliicli co-operate in tlie same movement joined together by anastomotic filaments, or are there, below tliese nuclei, centres for co-ordiaatiag tlie movements? The question is far from being solved.

A tumor of this material the size of a pea could be felt at the apex of the tooth, and since it caused no "side" inflammation and produced no trouble it was allowed to remain un disturbed; it is there to-day, and has never caused the least disturbance. There are few men who can stimulate us with apt references to Sydenham's big toe, or Benjamin Rush's purgatives without being either absurd or effects tiresome. The intense cephalalgia and rhachialgia; the atrocious pains variously localized in the face, trunk, limb-nerves, muscles or joints; the vigilant dehrium, with hallucinations and delusions, sometimes assuming great gravity; the intense vertigo,, and other well-known nervous manifestations which are so prominent in many cases at the initiation of the disease, are not necessarily evidences of meningitis, or even of meningeal hypersemia. There was no fluid in the peritoneal cavity. I established, to my own satisfaction, the fact that there are but two remedies which can be relied upon to check night sweats. It must be judged of by strictly vital laws, and we can only appeal to its appearances in the form of diseased action produced by it, to prove its existence.

The ab surdity of the nasal cure was emphasized and the cures re mg ferred to as spurious.

Involved in the clinical features and surgical management of cerebellar hemangioblastomas.