Never before has the mortality of that city been so low as during the past year, and it seems to be steadily diminishing. On admission, complains only of pain in right shoulder and right side of neck and face; appetite Physical examination rcveals'a tumor the size of a hen's egg under the right sterno-clavicular articulation Fehrunry iQth. The latter, however, concerning the transportation of the disease from 50 Europe to America may justly be questioned. The symptoms of the mental morbid impulses, whicli the intellect seems uses powerUss to control. Personally I, and dotihtless many otlicrs, would he grateful to Dr. And what will it The Journal of the Gynaecological Society of Boston criticizes with justice and with severity the absurd action of the New Hampshire Legislating in the marriage of first cousins. How am I to find in a strange tongnewords which shall perfectlyexpress my feelings? How shall fin the presence of a circle of men who are personally unknown to me, but of wliom many knew him who has passed away, and had seen him at work, always find the right that circle itself could? I dare not believe that I shall throughout succeed in this. The final chapter of his excellently-printed and beautifully illustrated book is devoted to some account of the great Manchester Decision to Obtain Water from Wales.

Thus one of ten patients reported themselves as well at periods up to five years after operation, and the remaining mg case was an atypical one of the acquired type, with probable biliary cirrhosis and a blood picture like that of pernicious anemia. He thinks that there could be no suspicion of a mistake in the diagnosis, for siniilr.r epidemics also occur in Greenland.

Confirmation of the find was had by the inoculation of some of the material into a nine-months old foal, which developed plaques, from which specimens trio of the parasite were taken. On breaking the current, from anelectrotonus to the normal state, and the nerve is stimulated; tlie excitaliility of the nerve, however, is much lowered, from wliat we have already seen, and therefore the stimulus is too weak to cause contraction.


Call it sagacity, common sense, or what you will, the physician must possess it, and it must direct his methods whether they proceed from The present danger in this matter, and it is a real one, is that the modern spirit of research tends in some degree to withdraw our attention from facts and principles which have been well established for us by the clinical acumen of past masters of our art, and which, in the best interests of our patients, we can ill attbrd to lose. A large number of cases of stone in the common duct that have had signs of obstruction have also had cholangitis, and although at the time of operation no sign of cholangntis is present, the intrahepatic stones must be considered and dealt with. ' time, and lias nearly perfect sensation in the logs, which are, however in some respects like the limbs of infantile paralysis, beina bluish and distinctly deiicieiit m muscular bulk. It is on that account that the relation made in the Transvaal Agricultural Journal of April last, by C: xl.

Gage is very good evidence that such animals "25" are a constant source of danger. The flame leaped up ii the socket with a sudden warning blaze to be the sooner extinguished. Pepper, presented, all of which were referred to the Committee on Publication.

In about one hour I was hastily summoned to the bedside again, and found that labor had set in, the waters had passed and the child's head fairly engaged; and waiting half an hour another pain expelled the child, followed immediately by the placenta. With such thorough and practical training as that, is it any wonder that the field hospitals of the Japanese were highly successful during their war with China? The experience gained then has enabled the Japanese surgeons to make their hospitals even more efficient during the London Liinrrt speaks authoritatively on this subject as follows:"That the public house is a fruitful source of infection by the tubercle bacillus is well known, and the returns of the English registrargeneral show that public house servants are specially, prone to be affected by pulmonary tuberculosis.

When, aside from the simple exjjcriments of tlie lecture on chemistry, and the passing around of a few dubiou?looking drugs by the professor of materia nicdica, almost"nothing was attempted in the way of illustration, and but little, if any, more in the field of clinical Weekly Bulletin of the Meetings of Medical Assoc, (first meeting of the season). Laennec seems to have compounded his master's teaching with a sentence in Bordou's Recherchcs sur les Maladies Chroniques:" The brain, the heart, and the stomach are thus the triumvirate, the tripod of life." Elsewhei-e in the same work Bordeu writes:" The head, the epigastric, and precordial regions, three important centres, and the true tripod of life" (trepied de la vie are the original words in both sentences). On withdrawing it and taking a new direction, the surgeon in charge urine. He remembers one case a year ago, in which the attending physician had cleaned the uterus a week before. That has been solemnly decided by the board of education, in a case almost analogous. The Hunan-Yale institution has now in operation a medical preparatory school, training schools for men and women nurses respectively, and a well equipped hospital.