It is also used for holding down a piece of gold till it is secured in the proper EXTEN'SOR. It arises from the side of the thyroid cartilage and its iuferior cornu, and from the side of the cricoid cartilage, and is inserted with in its fellow in the middle line on the back of the pharynx. Viewed psychologically, the chorea was seen to be of secondary importance to the underlying dementia, thereby warranting the descriptive and pathologically more correct name of" dementia choreica." In discussing the applicability of the term"dementia" to Huntington's chorea, he stated that there need be no doubt as to the prognosis, course, futility of treatment, and termination of the disease. Scarlet fever occurs only as the result of contagion, usually conveyed by uses the means which have been already indicated. Lastly, the patient sometimes sinks "375" from mere asthenia, arising directly out of his primary symptoms, or supervening on his typhoid condition.


Sayre should make the fatal error of substituting rigid mechanical traction for tensile manual traction. In the fresh condition, the affected tracts of these organs present an opaque milky aspect, which may be in striking contrast with that of the surrounding healthy parts; and if they abut on the surface they probably form a slight hindi convexity there. It does dt not stimulate the intestinal glands. The benefit, however, which I had reason to expect from my experience with them in bilious fevers and other diseases never followed their use. In the previous case, an exceedingly minute piece of the sulphate of duboisia in substance was 625 held for a few moments in the retrotarsal fold of the lower lid until most of it was melted; the probe was then withdrawn, and the superfluous tears saturated with it pressed out of the eye, and received in a soft handkerchief.

This is the case I venture to call bilateral, though some objection may be raised to this appellation, inasmuch as the eruption did not affect both sides simultaneously, but after an interval of ten widow, looking older than her age, but physically strong and active; no history but chronic constipation. By this method of Pryor an opening can be made from one and one- half to nearly three inches between the retractor and the trowel, and the intestines being held out of the way, and the complete relaxation of the pelviss muscles, owing to the Trendelenburg position, as good a view of the pelvic contents tablet can be made as through the ordinary abdominal incision, and there is less shock to the patient On more than one occasion, by this method, have I been able to demonstrate the vermiform appendix, and in three or four cases have I removed the appendix as easily as I could by the abdominal method and with good results, but I do not recommend this method of operating for appendicitis. He was doubtful whether in the past, when he was skeptical regarding the power of the physician to convey the scarlatinal poison to the puerperal woman, he had not in one or two cases conveyed the poison in his clothing, as those patients were afterward severely ill, although no rash or soreness of the throat was present. This foramen is protected by a spine, to which the internal lateral ligament is attached. The treatment is altogether not use as important as the diagnosis, because certain of having obtained absolute cures of white swelling of the knee, of Pott's disease and of hip- joint disease by earnest, early attendance, meaning by absolute, conditions obtained entirely indistinguishable from the normal. We are always liable to receive pricking, violence, and over-straining here, and it may be only on the thousandth occasion that the nerve just as tetanus follows in only a small proportion of nerve Finally, the argument that the symmetry of the affection (so well shown in Case IV and others, where absolutely the a gouty or blood disorder loses most of its weight when we draw attention to the frequent cases of sympathetic ophthalmia.

The final chapter of conclusions is one of the most carefully prepared and interesting sections of the whole book: kt. Sometimes the rash is.patchy or irregular on the limbs, thus in some respects resembling measles, this variegated appearance being produced by the presence or absence of the erythema around the congested hair-follicles.

Applied in Pharmacy to the clarification of a fluid by separating from it the scum gm and other impurities. The foxglove must be so managed, as to lower the pulse, and moderate the fever, but never pushed to such an extent, as to excite nausea or sickness at the stomach.

From fiaarog, the breast, and itisj signifying inflammation.