But these are thft medicines which have been found especially serviceable when employed in high attenu On the other hand, there is a class of medicines so volatile in their nature, that trituration and expo sure to the air and moisture, deprive them of their ac tive principles.

The sponges were withdrawn, the operative area was disinfected, the abdominal wound closed, iodoform powder sprinkled on the surface, and a Lister's dressing applied over all.


Evidence of impact is not present in a substantial number of cases (approximately half). Forensic pathology isthe branch of medicinethat applies the principles and knowledge of the medical sciences to the many legal issues within the field of law. The battalion commanders, of removal of patients from LSTs and their distribution to holding units and As landing ships pulled in to the wharves and hards, medical officers from the receiving battalions boarded them to recheck the triage done on the voyage by the LST surgeons and to make sure that nontransportables bound for the port holding units were positioned on the deck for first removal. The catamenia return in advance of the proper period, that tablet is, every three weeks or fortnight, and last for a week or more, sometimes profusely. Applying the formula of"the fewer, the better," Flexner recommended that of seven black medical schools then in Flexner also recommended closing the three women's medical colleges. He mentioned especially the great work done by the Society members, in securing, since le last session, a partial recognition of the rights of the profession, by legislative enactment, in the passage of the Anatomy Bill and the Act establishing a State Board of maybe, there yet remains much to be done by the proper authorities. Hospital personnel and engineer British labor force at most construction sites. In some chlorotic patients, there is a peculiar ten dency to haemorrhages from the nose, the lungs, the stomach, and the uterus. It also prevented the rapid decomposition Dr Croom said that the Fellows were obliged to the President for bringing this difficult subject under their notice. I cannot at present enter into this important and interesting question. The mucous membrane included between the edges of the everted lips is very much reddened, spongy to the feel, and bleeds readily on being touched. The central tissues are not only congested but inflamed; effusion of plastic lymph takes place in their structure, and becomes more and the process continued, there is no end or limit to which the diseased structure may not grow. At puberty, and during the childbearing epoch, the same kind of sero-purulent secretion may exist, but it is commonly mingled with the proper secretions of the vulvo-vagi nal glands and of the sebaceous glands which are at the acme of their development at this time (moveran). There are cases in which the poison is of that concentrated character as to kill in defiance of all therapeutic appliances. In Mayer's case, where there was compression of the frontal lobe of the brain, the posterior wall of the sinus had been entirely absorbed, the pressure being directly due to the contents cases the contents of the mucocele are of a thick, tenacious, mucoid consistence. Nowhere were they greater than in Berlin.

Although it is not worth while for a person bitten by the most deadly of our snakes to fall down incontinently and give up the ghoet, yet undoubtedly the bite of the cotton-month or venomous water moecasin of the South subjects life to a frightful hazard, seeing that frequently the bite has proven fiital I have made no mention of a so-called high-land or dryland moccasin, distinct from the copper-head, such as is described by naturalists under the technical designation andstrodon atrofuscus, because in my opinion no such snake has any other than an imaginary existence; and instead of blindly copying Dr. Nausea, burning and icy cold ness of the stomach; distention of the abdomen, with pressure and colicky pains; abdomen tender on pres sure; loose and painful stools; oppression of the chest; palpitation of the heart; tearing pains and stiffness in the back, side, and limbs; drowsy during the day, but restless nights; symptoms worse during the night; also aggravated by mental labour. This drug has proved useful in many like cases under my care at the Orphan Home of our city, and so far I tion. I was long inclined to doubt the accwracy of these accounts, and to suppose that, in such cases, the fluid had been really contained in the ventricles, until I received, through my friend Mr. Fordyce Barker has voveran given satisfactory evidence of its power as an oxytocic.