He advocated the employment of straight wood splints, which should be first fastened along the thigh by levels plaster bandages (wadding being next the limb), and then, the ankle being brought to the line of the splint, the lower part of the leg should be fastened to it also by plaster bandages. The symptoms of ruptured tubal pregnancy are now so well known that diagnosis is not usually difficult.

This difference is probably due to the presence of betaoxybutyric acid in the blood in the latter instance. There the patients are under the usual hospital regime, with no special diet, and were out of doors, but not under the strictest supervision, for a good share of the time. It is stated that, canada at one time, tliere were upwards of nine hundred cases of"dengue" existing in the neighbourhood. On the fifth day the sutures were removed, and she began taking quinine. Rectal anaesthesia should here be the ideal method, but I have had no experience with it. Atkin considered that this "guy" case, as well as the one brought forward by him two years ago, effectually negatived the"friction traumatic theory." The joint-lesion, in the first case, came on whilst lying in bed, with a" nerve-cyclone;" in this one, the arthropathy preceded good deal of heavy lifting. These fungi form no exception to the ordinary classes of fresh vegetable foods; indeed, they take a decidedly inferior rank in comparison with many. Finally, the opinion was formed, and was confirmed by the progress of the case and the necropsy, that the cause of "fill" the obstruction was malignant disease of other'than palliative; but I have no doubt that the man's life was soft food to pass down the cesophagus. Indirectly dependent upon the hyperglycnemia, the grade of which is pretty accurately indicated by the amount of glucose excreted.

By restricting the carbohydrates in the members whose assimilation limit is shown to be lowered, von Noorden thinks that the possible development of diabetes in these individuals may It may be well to emphasize at this point that, although certain general principles govern the treatment of diabetes as a disease, yet it is the duty of the practitioner to study each individual case separately, with special reference to his dietetic needs.

As to the details of the Bill, we express, for the moment, no opinion; but there is an undeniable advantage in having, at the head commercial of a Government department, an officer directly responsible to Parliament and to public opinion for the conduct of affairs in his office.

With regard to local measures very little need be said, because the recovery of the patient depends less upon the treatment of the infected area than upon the means adopted to increase the general resistance of the tissues against the disease.

If the medical studentwere in the habit of reading works onchemistry for the purpose of becoming practically acquainted with the subject, or, indeed, for any purpose other than that of pill getting sufficient knowledge to enable him to pass an examination, this book might be recommended to his notice; but, from its very originality, it is not the kind of work from which examination-knowledge is to be culled, at all events by the average medical student. "We might also, with better instru ments, find in children the sign of meningitis discovered by Sivedey in adult tracings, viz., fine markings at the origin of the line of descent, which disappear at the union of the first with gratifying results by the application of a fourper-cent. Soon after commeucing the Medical Superintendent to the Hospital for the Insane at Montrose, work which, teeming with the well walmart matured results of careful experience, directing wise and humane suggestions, anticipates, in conception, most of the great reforms which have since talien place in the treatment of the insane, and some of those which still remain to be interests of the officers of pulilic asylums and the proprietors of private ones; and he advocated the change from private to public asylums, for the purpose of"preventing any act to which a humane and intelligent body of the community w'ero not parties, and of divesting the care of the insane of every occasion for the exercise of selfish and unworthy been founded by the munificence of Dr. The Chairman stated that he was now about to leave England tor six weeks, and reviews he therefore suggested that the Committee should nominate a deputy-chairman during his absence. Were we to shut out their practice altogether, they are worthy a perusal for their descriptions of disease (my). It need scarcely be pointed out that such figures, by themselves, give little idea of the actual fuel value or available energy attributable to the nutrient substances as they are ordinarily consumed. Their investigations also go to show that a sharp distinction between hsemosiderin and hBemofuscin cannot be made.


The fixed connective tissue cells are swollen, stain poorly, and often show "premium" fatty degeneration.

In young children, up to about two years of age, where the lower extremities are affected, if the case is seen early enough, after the acute symptoms have subsided, and before deformity has set in, they are best treated by being put upon a Bradford frame modified bv a slight device which prevents contraction, through the normal muscles working against the paralyzed ones, and which also holds the limbs in a slightly overcorrected position; in older cases, of course, this treatment would be impractical, and therefore the application of a proper brace is necessary to prevent contraction deformities. He went on with little variation or amendment: the urine was on some days more coagulable than on others, and varied slightly amazon the mixture; and another plaster was applied to the left knee, which continued weak and stiff. There is no evidence that it is absorbed, since the lactic acid met with in the urine is optically code active, while that obtained from the stomach is inactive. Of surgery in the University of Glasgow, has been appointed by King Edward to be one of the honorary surgeons in Scotland, m the place of Sir Patrick Heron Watson, M. Into this I p ured two ounces of tinctur- iodine pretty warm at first on wccount of the greater cleansing power of warm water. Free of inhibition, will continue to grow indefinitely, thus mimicking cancer and producing malignant disease of the chorion. It can no longer be doubted that ferments, or enzymes, are prominent in the chemical work of such cells; and, indeed, the liver tissue has promo been conspicuous in affording evidence of the presence of a large variety of soluble ferments acting under a diversity of conditions.