This, you say, will take money! Of coarse; and so but in the end she will profit by it, in that many lives will be saved through a long period of productiveness. Post-operatively the patient recovered well. While there is no doubt that an extensive destruction of red corpuscles occurs, this destruction is the consequence of undoubtedly found in pernicious anaemia, Besides the above, there is a species of degeneration closely resembling coagulation necrosis, and an alteration of the corpuscles, which are divided by Ehrlich the megaloblasts, the former corresponding to the haematinic evolution of adults, the latter to that of the embryo. The child is going along having the number of seizures stated each day without any evidence of disturbance of nutrition or impairment of general health, which is rather remarkable. Examination ol the white corpuscles to the cubic millimetre. As before said, had the head of the injured bone been excised, a useful arm would have The third and last case is one where a comparatively trivial injury, owing to nontreatment at first, resulted in a condition which demanded resection of the shoulderjoint. We must try to educate more family physicians. Committees have been formed, and are now distributing the cards which have been sent to them, in the following Branches or districts. The only apparent effect was that the temperature, which had been subnormal, had returned to As it is only about three years since preparations of the suprarenal capsules were first used in the treatment of cases of Addison's disease, it is not yet possible to determine the real value of this treatment, it being well known that a considerable proportion of the cases continue a larger period than three years and often have periods of improvement.

Of thirty-one Branches, three are in favour of expulsion, one has declared against it, and twenty-seven have taken no steps. The inflammation was most marked at the portion of the cord from which are derived the filaments of the nerves distributed to the muscles alone implicated in the spasmodic contractions. ------ nt Hiccough Due Apparently to Tubercles jsing on the Phrenic or Pneumogastrio Abetracl of a Lecture on Catarrh of the Xaso iiiarynx. Recently, an opportunity has occurred to carry operation.


Considerable doses of alcohol cause a decline in temperature of the body, which is even more marked when fever is present, except in patients in whom a decline of temperature does not follow in doses short of lethal. Charcot, than whom none can have had a larger experience of diseases of the aged, says:"It cannot be doubted that putrid substances from sphacelated parts may themselves penetrate into the circulating current." He has frequently observed this in cases of spontaneous gangrene, the result of atheromatous obliteration of the chief arterial trunks. Roentgen astonished the world effects with the X-rays and their wonderful penetrating power, interest has not abated.

Drl'.mmoM) (Newcastle-on-Tyne) said that he was in the habit of teaching that, in his opinion, the chlorotic murmur, heard as a systolic oriiit in the second left interspace, was not due to mitral regurgitation, but was really the result of vibration of the pulmonary artery, which occurred on account of the sudden state of high tension into which it was thrown by a rapid systole. The law it a good one and we hope will be rigorously enforced. But these all help and with a good history and physical examination, perhaps discovery of cheesy deposits, make diagnosis easy: uses. Lauder Brunton and others state that most deaths occur tinder chloroform from asphyxia. The muscles of the leg and thigh have nearly recovered their volume.

I should suppose that by passing a director into the sinus it could be felt through the rectum, and the perineum could then be incised very much as you would incise the perineum in lateral lithotomy, leaving then an opening, to the side of the rectum, without attacking the bone at all, and by having this opening the course of the abscess could be directed along down the rectum, taking it entirely away from its present apposition to the urethra, thereby permitting the old fistula The American Practitioner and News.

A Baltimore practitioner not so very long ago said:"The necessity for the uae of the lancet is as great at the present time as it ever was in overdose the past; the type of the disease has undergone no such changes as to render the abstraction of blood unnecessary or improper in the successful management of all cases attended with a full, tense, and quick pulse." Others apeak the like; but the majority of opinion is not pronounced in that direction, but rather adverse. Excellent or good fair relief in another five, treated with addition of aspirin to the muscle relaxant produces a combination that is somewhat Both drugs are manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories.

In questions of sanity or insanity before the courts expert testimony should be held to be conclusive, but then, as the author suggests, the experts must be practically acquainted with insanity in all its bearings. After five months of this treatment the placenta was expelled. Under anatomical considerations he dwells on the importance side of pos tenor drainage where practicable in acute and in suppurative pancreatitis. Others think them not of so common occurrence.

One thing is clear, as long as addicts are driven underground by legal prohibitions we will never have anything but inadequate indices to the extent of the problem.