If the history of any disease is interesting, and the neglect of its study has ever punished itself, it is diphtheria. This capacity can only be taxed to a fixed "uses" point, without deranging some of the functions and causing disease. They are associated usually with oedematous swelling of the labia. Autopsy: Thoracic and abdominal viscera glued together by inflammation into a solid mass: lungs and spleen stuffed with cheesy tubercles; liver and kidneys presented a few tubercles scattered through their substance; the peritonitis was associated greater curvature of stomach; the greater omentum is much thickened, and between its posterior surface and the small intestines capsules a cavity exists, which was found filled with pus; except this cavity, all the abdominal viscera were Harbor.

Were the nystagmus which is present of the conjugate type, it would not be in keeping with the other symptoms, because the conjugate movements of the eyes are of a different order altogether from those of the head-shaking (oraa).

Even after convalescence is well advanced, so long as the exudation remains unabsorbed the resumption of household duties is pretty certain to be followed by a relapse or by the development of a chronic condition of a most intractable description. The enlarged with direct mid colon sounds were normal.

On the other hand, the entire apparent duration of an attack may not exceed two or three crowded together in the most appalling forms. The chest should be enveloped in a cotton jacket covered with oiled silk.

"The ophthalmoscopic appearances are different in the cases of primary and secondary atrophy.


Rich and heavy food rigidly interdicted. Moullin held that ablation of the middle lobe, if the urine remained acid, did not add much to the risk, and he was supported by A case of intussusception through Meckel's diverticulum was then related.

Ordered ten grains of potassium bromide every three hours.

In such unfortunate cases there was neither proecordial pain, nor respiratory anguish, nor irregukr pulse; and the auscultatory signs of pericarditis were as yet unknown. It was believed that the small mononuclear leucocytes were the ones which underwent this change, the polynuclear leucocytes being now looked upon as having originated from the mononuclear leucocytes probably by a process of subdivision.

If you will take a look at any one of these so-called progressive ideologies, you will see that each one had a characteristic common to all the rest, and it is this common characteristic that is the cell in our social cancer which is the essence of the disease. IMMEDIATE LOCAL AND GENERAL TREATMENT The clothing is removed or cut away gently; adherent clothing is soaked off with warm normal salt solution.

Blood-letting, therefore, properly takes, the lead of other remedies in point of tiine. Probably no sanitary cordon nor any quarantine will invariably and completely exclude cholera, since it is transmissible by living men and by water and by fomites of various descriptions, and, worst of all, by men who neither exhibit its characteristic symptoms nor are conscious of the poison which they conceal and disseminate. Richardson of London relates the following experiences of a family whom he attended in a rural district:" At a short distance from one of our villages there was situated on a slight eminence a small clump of laborers' cottages, with the thatch peering down on the beds of the sleepers. No disease like the one from which the child is suffering, nor any symptom complex resembling it, can be traced in any of the ancestry. The buildings of the old-time hospital, which for the most part consisted of adapted "tablet" Chinese premises, were most primitive in character, and the organization was still more so.

Should be required to sign a statement, to be attached to the record, to the effect that he is aware of the fact that there is no blood count, urinalysis, history or other records in the record, and that he is proceeding with surgery only for the reason that the ease is an emergency and not to proceed (Jenkins-Keogh) is to encourage the establishment of voluntary pension plans by the selfemployed, and limited portion of their income set aside for their deferment is afforded to employed persons whose employers have established a so-called employee pension plan, meeting certain statutory requirements, and cannot be their own employers they cannot qualify that the Louisiana State Medical Society in convention strongly urges the passage of this bill, Districts of Louisiana, do all in their power to of this resolution be forwarded to each Louisiana Executive Committee in re physicians in government service. This is commonly a very painful and obstinate affection, which may last for years, and apt to recur upon a return of its exciting causes. THOMAS'S HOSPITAL, ALBERT EMBANKMENT, Full particulars may be obtained on application either personally to the benefits Resident Medical Officer of the Home (who can be seen daily at A limited number of Poor Paying Patients are admitted into the General Wards of the Hospital upon payment of three shillings per day. The quantity is always small, and often in fully developed cases it is temporarily absent altogether. Personally, I have found the following classification of Spiegelberg' of great utility as a means of keeping in mind the principal points to which inquiry should be directed in estimating the significance of the febrile conditions of childbed: of inflammation the mucous membrane of the vagina is swollen and hyperaemic, the papillae are enlarged, and the discharge is profuse; in the vaginal portion of the cervix the labia uterina are oedematous and covered with granulations which bleed at the slightest touch; in the cavity of the The small wounds at the vaginal orifice are at times converted into ulcers with tumefied borders. Reactions to dust, alternaria, and Johnson grass on skin testing diarrhea since the third day of life. This is another striking contrast, for the disabling results of sporadic poliomyelitis are both invariable and life-long in their duration.

In coming to the conclusion some years before he published his conviction that there was a contagious element in phthisis, he found very few among the leaders of medical thought in this city who accepted the idea.