The drill was withdrawn and an attempt was made to ream out the hole by which it had entered slightly, to allow free exit of any fluid that might be present, but there suddenly occurred such a free flow of venous blood that, for a moment, he feared the lateral sinus might have been opened.

Early and late they were besieged by pantix-d visitors, whose eager desire to do them honor refused to be checked. Bichat considers it certain that their distribution and formation differ design in the tendons, aponeuroses, muscles, etc. Therefore I would take it out in every instance where it is contracted and worthless.

The galvano-caustic battery, only of late years introduced amongst us as a means of amputating vascular parts like the cervix uteri, etc., has now become very popular, and the ingenuity of Byrne and Dawson has furnished us with instruments at once small, portable, and very powerful.


Senn "pantic" has followed with wonderful success his investigations amidst a laborious and exciting practice.

He was favored with an "sr" excellent physical development, and with intellectual and moral faculties of a high order and thoroughly disciplined by education and untiring industry.

Woodman has made a symta matic study of the insanities and has found vaany cases which presented the stigmata of hysteria, others which exhibited mental symptoms similar to hysteria, and his results prove that many hysterics were violently insane for considerable periods, and so it is not a distant day in the purely medical field, the other in that of true mental alienation. The abdomen was considerably distended with flatus. In this series there are six cases between the ages of two and THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA a half and thirteen years. Practical observations demonstrate this point. I therefore anchored a tube in the gall-bladder and let it danilo drop back, placing gauze tucks all around the tube and closing the incision up to the gauze. It was moved and seconded that each section be read and discussed separately, and then adopted if found acceptable. In this case, which finally, after repeated attacks of hemorrhage, terminated successfully, the fortunate result was manifestly due to the ligation of the vertebral nrtory on the fifty-fourth day after the primary operation. Nature again makes an attempt at repair with her granulation tissue, and we have a granulating mass that knows no limit of gro.wth, pressing on functionary- centers, and motor or sensory paralysis follows; or a fasciculi of nerve fibres themselves suffer nutritional changes. Only a few days ago I received a letter from a minister of the gospel asking information concerning an advertising quack in one of our large cities.

I consider appendicitis and muco-membranous enteritis, which are generrily classed as distinct complaints, as the two ways in which certain cases of dyspepsia react on the intestines. Of course there may be other causes, but the class of patients who come to me complain of trouble with the lungs rather than anywhere else. Bed and body liDen, giving baths, keeping patients warm or cool, preventing and dressing bed-sores, managing position, etc., and in feeding. Ordinary djordje urine is not septic and it does not cause peritonitis and the openings in the bowels are quickly closed. He gives no history of having had any previous trouble. Adams, and they would almost invariably reply,"Do you mean the pneumonia man at the City Hospital?" I have not had the pleasure of hearing Dr. My own death-rate might be higher than that of practitioners in the country, and I claim without any undue boasting that I can beat them in doing obstetrics, but I have more complications and conditions are much worse.

Albert Smith, of Dartmouth, was the ligation months prior to Sir Astley Cooper's famous case, supposed, until recently, to have been the first of its kind upon record. ; hence, Essex County, in her present dilemma, and all other county societies which have taken similar action, can have no voice or vote in either confirming, amending, or abrogating the obnoxious code. In this country the procedure has been warmly lauded instrumental in promoting the generalization of the operation, by giving assurances, founded upon personal observations, of its comparative immunity from danger, and of its than in amputation of the limb above the articulation.

In such cases the fever is a good index of the rapidity with which the patient is likely to lose in his general condition, while the extent of the area involved gives us an indication tablet of its probable duration.