Conversion of Diseases, (F.) Conversion des maladies, is the change or transformation of one rolling of any thing upon itself (xt). The symptoms which ensue vary, of course, according to the cause of the suppression, but even in side hysterical suppression, which seems to affect patients less than other kinds, there would be vomiting and headache within a It is impossible for a person with total suppression of urine from any cause to live for forty-eight days. The moon has been supposed to exert considerable influence over the human body, in health and disease: effects. Urethral bacteria other than the gonococcus are either very pale or are not stained at all, a point of great assistance in differential diagnosis.

I will cite some cases from practice with results from the use of these suppositories. Meniere's disease is little or nothing more than sick headache, caused by eyestrain, and prevented by correction of ametropia! The large majority of pelvic diseases, both of men and women, are due uterine diseases, etc., because the malpositions of the body strain or weaken the ligaments of the viscera, crowding certain organs and making morbid their functions by pressures, relaxations, etc. At this point some one will remark,"but valuable time will be lost." This I do not believe. A few days before coughing up the hydatids, the patient suffered very acute pain in his breast, which he compared to that of a pointed instrument entering his breast; and for two or three minutes before the hydatids were discharged, he was seized with violent coughing, and a sense of suffocation, which continued for two or three minutes. If the lesions are strictly superficial the condenser-spark will prove the more satisfactory, but if the lesions involve the entire thickness of the derma or exist beneath it, the low-tension lamp will be found the latter, Collins considers to be the disease which, in an atypical form, is most readily mistaken fcr tabes. Care should be taken in this part of the manipulation not to wound the external iliac vessels.

In certain small districts brigade-surgeonlieutenant-colonels have charge as senior f Data from Military Information Division, War X Under instruction at the Army Medical School, The remaining medical officers perform the executive duties at all stations at home hospitals on board ship, lunatic hospitals, and hospitals for women and children.


A pint of milk and bread on the other uses days. Heredity is a very Bronx and the Eastern Medical Society.

This gives a false point of motion (pseudoarthrosis) that may disappear, because of the stimulating effect of repeated slight traumatisms on the bone forming cells and on the circulation. The os is frequently in such a condition, dilated sufficiently to admit air, which acting upon contained clots, decomposition results, reabsorption, or formation of thrombus, more or less, according to condition existing, resulting in untoward Again, during process of delivery, atony of the uterus often plays an important part, and after removal of placenta there is a tendency to relaxation, caused frequently by nervous irritation, sudden shocks, excess of with instruments and otherwise, use of anesthetics, etc. He then rapidly recovered and remained perfectly well. An' no matter if he hez no creed, when Ther Lord'ell make'em let him in, He needs sich men as Doc. He admits that one of the causes of imperfect restoration is that"the radio-ulnar ligaments, and also the lateral ligaments of the wristjoint, are ruptured or stretched and strained at the time of the fracture so that the hand is partially dislocated at the wrist." With careful treatment, however, he thinks"a fair hand may be had in a majority of in authorities, in other cases, in spite of any Here may be added that some recent surgical writers recommend the fixation of the.mended by (ierman and French authors; hence one is not surprised to learn from both these sources that the"resulting deformity is often extreme, and ulceration, phlegmon and gangrene of the soft parts Bardenheur, dissatisfied with the plasterof- Paris treatment, presents the astonishing alternative of confining the patient in bed, placing the hand and forearm on a support with an upward incline, the former projecting upon the splint, and attached to a cord"which is carried under a pulley fixed to the bottom of the foot-board of the bed, then brought up over a second pulley at the dosage top of the foot-board, the distal end being attached to a weight; the extension is controlled in such direction," the author says,"as to overcome the existing deformity." This contrivance, fairly mediaeval in ingenuity and inquisitorial in its fiendishness, like a deal of modern German pathology bears the ear-marks of a ponderous, clumsy theory that has never had practical elucidation. Sympathetic ophthalmitis may also begin in the form of neuriti?.

Illustrated with ready reference book for students and practitioners of medicine. And is situate tablet at the outer side of the muscle and crural artery. In less than hall an hour the vocabulary of banter and current slanj was exhausted. If the patient be instructed to pass the urine in three glasses, and between the voiding of the first and second specimens the contents of the inflamed sacs be expressed by the finger in the rectum, the second specimen will contain a larger amount of pus than the first or third, and also a number of dead spermatozoa. Xo such considerations restrict papine, and therefore, where there is excessive vigilence, restlessness, and nervous irritability, it is to For remittent fever, papine, given in pretty full doses early in the course of the disease, not only exerts-the effect of a palliative, but apparently induces a more marked remission. In an individual of middling strength, att'ected with tbis worm, and who has a tendency to asthenia, we can easily expel the worm that torments him by a simple evacuant, or a compound Oil the contrary, an individual attacked with taenia, of a cachectic constitution, in whom the asthenic diathesis prevails, will be with certainty cured, by means of a stimulant treatment proportioned to his state of weakness.

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Some, however, who have had ample opportunities for observation, deny their efficiency entirely, and attribute the improvements that patients frequentljr experience while attending at some of the most noted places of resort, to the change of air, diet, exercise, and rest from their usual occupations. ' Half dead finger.' A torpid condition of the fingers, met with in "in" connection with chlorosis, and cerebro-spinal affections. This deviation of tlie condyles from tlie normal should also be taken into mechanical trcadneiil: otherwise i( may be found,"wlien (he deformi(y has been corrected, that one lo"n'er extrem to fiex, the deformity becomes less, and, before flexion and (hat the defornii(y lesiiliing from the treatiiR'nt is employed, riililic bow-legs, when the choice between can be corrected by a iirace; m vcrlbclcss. Now, by proper manipulation of the speculum, the edge of the valve will be brought into view, and beyond this will be seen a cavity.