Far from it."" The physician may do very much for the welfare of the sick, more than others can do, although he does not, even in the major part of cases, undertake to control and overcome the disease by art. A physician substitute who has practiced medicine should be chosen as the e.xecutive chairman. Coming next to tapping as a means of cure, we find that it often is so in cases of single cyst. Our only means of combating tlie evil was to seldom pci'iuil of tlic (ire in llic furnaces to be extinguished, the ventihitors, their imly organ fir changing the air in times of j)cace, have been removed in prejiavation f)r action, the side s(;uttles, etc., have been siiut to prevent tlie light We tried all possible contrivances ior ventilation. In some instances the same experiment elicits a spasmodic contraction that maintains the foot for a few moments fixed in the position given to it. When I could do no better, I used instruments which had simply been washed with soap and in and hot water after the last instrumental delivery.


X-ray examination, plain or alter injection of air mg or other media into the bladder, determines the size and type of extension into the bladder. These wonderful discoveries which we owe to that mighty little instrument, the telescope of the inner firmament with all its included worlds; these simple formulae by which we condense the observations of a generation in a single axiom; these logical analyses by which we fence out the ignorance we cannot reclaim, and fix the limits of our knowledge, all lead us up to the inspiration of the Almighty, which gives understanding to the world's great teachers. Pulsations in one suffering from fever or amorous passions arc quick, and in a healthy man they are of a medium strength and perfectly regular.

In the 25 most frequently encountered surgical abdominal conditions, appendicitis, Ihe criteria thai rompel a diagnosis are anorexia, nausea, sometimes vomiting, localized pain in the right lower abdominal quad rant, low-grade fever and a moderate leukocytosis with a relatively high polymorphonuclear count. Impulsions bring certain individuals to the performance of acts which may simply be strange, or may border on insanity. University of Sydney, care of Young J. Thus, in a recent book which presents to general readers, and in a most able and attractive way, the story of the"In the struggle against diseases, and the discovery of means of stamping them out and preventing their development, we must not look for help to the popular physician, but to the pathological or the clinical laboratory, where scientific research is being carried on, often under harassing conditions, and always with inadequate recompense. The tendency has been greatly to overestimate the importance of gonorrhoea as a source of sterility, and the author believes that two-thirds of the cases are due to congenital errors of development, and the remaining one-third comprise acquired sterility, which, of course, is often the result of gonorrhoea. The mucous membranes of the lips and eyelids were well colored. She quickly became self-accusatory, maintaining that she had been faithless to her husband, and that she must get out of the way. Filling the grave with a mixture of straw and soil, or of sticks and stones, or placing planks or anchoring 50 a grid of iron over the rough-box that enclosed the coffin, impeded the spade or made a quick theft virtually impossible. The precious stones (Ratnas) mentioned in Materia Medica are also divided into two classes are nine, their names being: Heera (diamond), Padmaraga (ruby), Nila (sapphire), Garutmat (emerald), Pushparaga (topaz), Gomeda (onyx), Vaidurya (cat's eye), Mauktika (pearl) and Pravala (coral). A coarse, irregular tremor of the hands was common, the deep reflexes were usually exaggerated, and there was often a resemblance to a dreams, a feeling of unrest, tendency to be startled by slight noise hindi (especially that of an airplane) and retrograde amnesia were quite regularly seen. Again, the ujiper maxillary bone had cracks mIu'cIi I'an backwards from the root of the molar teeth.

DOUGLAS AND DEVANEY Diseases of the Digestive System Fellow of American College of Gastroenterology Fellow of International Academy of Proctology Group Hypnosis for Weight Reduction Charter Member and Fellow American Society of Clinical Hypnoiis Member, American Society oi Clinical and Experimental Hypnoiis Fellow, Academy oi Psychosomatic Medicine Member, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis ROBERT I. According to the influence of the sun or the moon a medicine is believed to be either hot or cold in power.

If, of waves; A C, length of a period; D E, being of opposite directions, there would be between them a difference We shall have finished these few preliminary remarks when we have added that the action of currents on the living organisms depends upon the form of the waves. But as will never have that grade of men for its soldiers. With blood by the superior and inferior mesenteric arises from the superior mesenteric in front of the duodenum.

Tlio whole is constructed on a vast scale. Since then the annual course was lengthened month by honor of inaugurating and establishing in this country a practitioners' course or, as it "uses" has now become generally known throughout the country, For some time previous to the first formal meeting of those who believed that the occasion was favorable for the establishment of a medical school upon a higher plane than any then existing, a number of the prominent and scholarly physicians of Chicago had been quietly but enthusiastically discussing the enterprise in an informal manner. The X-ray photograph was taken after an attempt to reduce the fracture under an anaesthetic, and to treat it by immobilisation in plaster for a.fortnight.