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By this method we do closely imitate nature, and in a great measure, yes, almost entirely overcome the difference in quality and digestibility of the casein between human and cow's milk.


Novy, in behalf of the special committee to whom was that the proposition was an excellent one, and the educational value of such bulletins will be great.

The post-mortem confirmed the ante-mortem diagnosis. As was the case in Massachusetts, and also with Mr.

Grant, the Yice Consul of the U. We first used the polyvalent serum we continued its use until the horse died seven years later when we could not persuade Dr.

Hoi-se Iwuillon, particularly if deprived of air, is an excellent medium for its cultivation. It is, therefore, the relatively small ovarian tumor, between the size of a tennis ball and a grapefruit, which commonly twists: in. The defects which arise from the use of a single morphological characteristic have been recognized in systematic classification, so that here, where the investigator must deal especially with the complexity shown by determining factors, the giving prominence to one factor alone will enable him to illumine only a small portion of the field and will give him but imperfect In the determination of both large and small divisions the naturalist is ever haunted by the same questions: for which forms of vegetation, as well as for their hindi union into formations, is each district best adapted, and by what vital conditions does it differ from neighboring It is strange that until now the ecological branch of animal geography has almost neglected this, to me, most interesting side of the question. The patellar reflex was attended with several vibrations. I have seen four cases where the knee joint was penetrated by balls, without injury to the bone forming the joint, recover, with anchylosis in three, and a movable joint in one. By Keith The second edition of The reviews Intervertebral Disc has satisfactorily brought up to date the progress through the last four years of the diagnosis and treatment of herniation of the nucleus pulposus. We ought to have another session, and if the time of the Fellows' lileeting had not been so much occupied with the settlement of the Charter question, an amendment would have been oft'ered to that effect, and could have been acted on next year. It proved to be very hard and densely fibrous, and removable only bjr dragging down with forceps and cutting to pieces witL curved scissors. Graduates of other accredited schools, after three, Payment of Fees is invariably required at the commencement of tho Session. Syphilis in its primary form ever requires constitutional treatment to prevent secondary consequences. The patient stands with his feet wide apart and sways on walking from side to side like a drunken man.