Dewees recommends, to render an obdurate cicatrix dilatable, is not permissible, from the feeble condition of the patient. Award"" from distinguished scientific societies in the principal cities of the world; among which awards are the great Medals of the World's Exhibition in London and New York. As the integuments over the swelling were red and tender from pressure, I thought it best to apply cold over tlie tumour; directed her to abstain from all further attempts to reduce it; ordered a distending enema to be given, and made an appointment to see her in about three hours, to try reduction when she was under the influence of chloroform, and if not then successful, to operate. While not fond of work, one never finds the able-bodied Filipino a beggar. However, four intestinal loops are adherent to the gauze dressing and very much inflamed. Than as being due to the action of inhibitory substances in the patient's serum.


Murmur continued as before: no increase of precordial dulness. The subsidence of symptoms and return to perfect health were undoubtedly attendant upon and probably the outcome of the disappearance of the diplococcus from the cerebro-spinal membranes, and this disappearance was greatly aided by, and possibly accomplished through, the withdrawal of infected spinal fluid and the injection of the antiserum. ( From (he Rockefeller Imdlute for Medical Research, Xew York.

The fixed type of calcaneovalgus is less common than the potential type. Ou percussing the chest, no appreciable dulness was to be detected anywhere, the sound being clear and equal on both sides. These dissimilar results of glucose were puzzling. He says,"The Jews have always been regarded as comparatively immune to tuberculosis, but the racial immunity is certainly becoming less evident among the In the chapter on treatment, which Dr. It is much weaker than morphine, and rarely causes the unpleasant after-effects of this alkaloid.

(Gubler.) The general antidote to alkaloids is caffeine, or coffee, which latter also contains tannin.

The main difference between it and a city hospital is that it is built of wood instead of brick or stone and that it lies alongside of a railway line. Insen'sile anti'pathy; a term for this affection, or antipathj' produced through, not the senses but some unknown medium; it depends upon an extraortlinary idiosyncrasy, but of the nature or operation of wliich we are ignorant. Tab - " If we only possess a very old culture, or, indeed, one some days old, which under the microscope shows precipitation of false masses before the addition of serum, we must not hesitate to make a fresh culture, and to delay the answer to the next day. Barclay, of Edinbiu-gh, in his proposed nomenclature, when treating of the aspects of the atlautal, or upper extremities, or belonging to the elbow. What tissues are divided in the operation for oblique inguinal Skin, superficial and deep fascia, external and internal oblique muscles, coverings of the sac (intercolumnar fascia, cremasteric fascia, infundibuliform fascia, subserous areolar tissue, and peritoneum). In the conversation I had with him relative to the death of Janet Stewart, he said they wanted to leave biin in the babble, to blame him and clear themselves. Our description has so far been confined to osteosyphiloma which does not encroach upon the meninges or the cerebral convolutions (pulmoza). Tait was the pioneer in abdominal surgery.

The following account is given of his own and of M. According in New York City exhibits the bovine type of bacilli years much light has been thrown upon the definite origin of outbreaks of typhoid fever due to milk infection, through special investigations carried on by the New York City Department of Health.