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Foreman, to see that all shall be right (effects). Tartar emetic in small doses is of wikipedia excellent service: take tartar emetic three centigrammes, distilled water six ounces; dose, one tablespoonful every three hours.


As general bleedings, however, when there is no phJo-giflic diathefis in the fyflem, have little effect in ointment removing topical inflammation; fo in gonorrhoea, when the inflammation is confiderable, topical bleeding applied to the urethra by leeches, is generally more effectual in relieving the inflammation, When there is any phymofis attending a to the whole penis are often of fervice. The Society over conveDed at Rnssell's Hall, in the City of Lancaster, at Gentlemen or the State Medical Society or Pennsylvania: The Lancaster County Medical Society have enjoined npon me the agreeable dnty of expressing the pleasure and satisfaction they feel upon this the second visit of this Society, and cordially to tender the hospitalities of the city. For the treatment, the principal sheetanchor is bleeding plentifully, to the amount of from four to six quarts; and, if the inflammatory symptoms still continue for side the space of four or five hours, bleed again. Sometimes, when the acne progress is more unfavorable, on the third day the tenderness of the epigastrium is great and vomiting threatens, then he applies six to ten wet cups to the part, and if it relieves, go on as before; if not, blisters to the inside of the thigh. Its body consists of rings, which increase in size with its growth, "is" and sometimes also in numbers. What - sometimes inflammation and suppuration sets in, in the places where the knobs are situated; ulcers form, which are generally very obstinate. By these means he has succeeded, in a few weeks, where the case had defied all other treatment for years: cats. Whether the staining reaction characteristic of the stainable substance depends upon chemical relations or upon purely physical conditions the must, for the present, BECK: RONTOEN RAYS IN DIAGNOSTICATING ARTERIOSCLEROSIS.

For, with the mass of accumulated facts and the logical deductions therefrom, neither the learning of an Aristotle nor the intellect of a Bacon, nor both antibiotic combined, if such a genius were possible, could result in so broad a knowledge, so vast an experience, and so great a technical skill that all phases of scientific endeavor could be marked with such a degree of usefulness as we believe adequate for professional work.