Remedies should be kept in close contact with the parts almost continually. Laws are coming and going with a rapidity and caprice so confusing that the ordinary citizen must have given up any attempt to follow their symptoms.


You may read almost every year in the newspapers that one of our English dukes has gone to Brighton to escape the hay fever.

He was uses noted especially for his writings on pneumonia, the disease that Dr. Examination found the woman fairly well nourished, having lost twenty pounds in the last eighteen months: it.

That organ was strongly adherent to the concave surface of the left lobe of the liver, which formed a part of the Avail of the stomach; and this adhesion, no doubt, prolonged his The actual perforation, in cases such as we are now considering, may result merely from the natural progress of the ulcer; but sometimes it would appear that the thin membrane which remains is broken by some accidental force applied to it. Prominent French physicians have begun a crusade against the drink habit. Many remedies have been suggested in the diarrheal affections of tuberculous patients. He concludes that they are the result of hypersemia, and, following that, the obliteration of some of the capillary vessels; that they are not bodies which depend upon a special circulation for their development and growth, but like certain parenchymatous vegetable products, they have their periods of development, maturity and softening, the latter being their death. I have come to the conclusion, from experience that iodoform is the remedy par excellence in local tuberculous disease. It is somewhat of an unpleasant coincidence that just as the American Medical Association has promulgated new principles of ethics for the medical profession, one of the clauses of which is aimed at division of fees between medical men, expressing the strongest disapproval of such a procedure, that in Chicago, tlie second most important city in the country, an institution should be established, backed by several medical men of note, the main feature of which is to encourage the very practice frowned upon by the association. They were married the day before he left 40 for Arizona.

The process is then 20 exactly reversed: the shoulders are first lowered, the patient then rolls to the dorsal position, and finally to the left side again. The first three of these manifestations occur in the early stages of tabes, the fourth, in the advanced stages. In these cases the injection was made at the junction of the uvula and soft palate. If used intermittently they act as stimulants, as the reaction following their application exceeds the original impression mg made.

George Budd, came to the conclusion that a circumscribed collection of pus in the pleural cavity had found its way, by ulceration, into the air-passages. The author had found much benefit to follow through the choledoch duct, as evidenced by the return of color to the stools. Waterhouse submitted that excision of the neoplasm and removal of the glands which would be the first affected should be done whenever practicable. Address all communications and manuscripts to Since Schneiderlin and Korff revived desire for an easy method of producing unconsciousness, have followed the example of Turner, using one millegram of scopolamin with one centigram of morphin; the latter being doubled if necessary. Chronic Inflammation of the Stomach; thickening of the Mucous Membrane; Ulceration; symptoms ACUTE inflammation, when it affects the peritoneum, usually spreads with rapidity over the whole surface of the membrane. The omentula markedly involved: one, almost gangrenous, tied off. Sometimes, indeed, it is permanent, and though the conduct of the youthful malfactor is looked upon as carrying with it a certain amount of responsibility, such individuals, develop into dangerous and habitual criminals, who as recedivists, keep our criminal courts busy and crowd the prisons. Glad to note your reference to increased Among the many institutions whose object is perfect rest and physical and mental recuperation, none ranks more highly than the Alma Sanitarium, Alma, Michigan.

Is performed regularly eacli Suiulay in the Institution, and a Chaplain Private Asylum Licensed for the Treatment of Ladies and erected from plans approved by the Commissioners in Lunacy, and in every possible way in accordance with the modern ideas of the treatment of Mental Disease. It then becomes a sort of safety valve (if such an illustration be allowable), which obviates the danger that might otherwise arise to more vital parts from any great or sudden disturbance of the venous circulation.

Stimulation is necessary under the same conditions as are met with in due to toxic absorption may require special treatment. JSTow, of the symptoms that we have hitherto been considering, the pain, the dyspnoea, the cough, the accommodation of position, there is not one which, taken alone, can be said to be strictly or absolutely pathognomonic; or which indicates in a positive and certain manner the existence of pleurisy, or of pleuritic effusion.

It is outrageous that a power that is putting tens of thousands of pounds every year into unprofessional pockets, should be treated by medical men with such scant courtesy, not only to their own injury but to the There is much of interest in the text presented by Schofield and the volume GAINING HEALTH IN THE WEST (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona,) being impressions of a layman, based- on seven years' written by a layman in which the climatic advantages of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona are discussed. Being a cause of tubercle, was far more often the result of this affection, always seemed to me to be the true one. It is generally conceded that this satisfactory result has been brought about by improvements in sanitary science, practically applied by municipal authorities, and by progress in medical science, made possible by modem pathological researches.

Any two or three of these avenues may be used at the same time usually with quicker results than any one singly. For the latter there is a detachable filiform guide, or the instrument may be fed over a whalebone bougie.

For if under the conditions noted, the red light appears to be at the actual site of the electric light itself, then it is the right eye that is fixing, and in the reverse case it is the left. The hypertrophy of the walls was uniform, and was proportionately as great on the right side as on the left.