To do that well will cost even more.

The cough of a child may merely denote some slight trouble, such, for instance, as a passing catarrh without fever, a transient ordinary cold, the presence of worms in the bowels, or the cutting of teeth, but it may also signal the approach of a serious disease. The Fijians perform the operation in the seventh year, as do also the Samoans. It should be placed now on one side, soon on the other, then for a while supported in a half-sitting posture by the aid of the bolster, and in no case be permitted to remain too long in the horizontal position. A means of rebuttal was conceived by the American College of Surgeons at its recent annual Clinical Congress.

This medicine is directed"in doses of one or two grains, and to be repeated every hour or oftener, until a nausea be produced." In the first place, it is certain, that digitalis purpurea may often occasion very distressing symptoms, and, we suspect, even death, without the occurrence of nausea. Has passed the climacteric and who had her first attack of simple retardation (neurasthenia) at twenty years Of age, brought about seemingly by her father's unkindness to her. Syncope, nay, even death, is sometimes tab the result of the abstraction of the ascitic fluid. For the most part, hypotension indicates mathematically the degree of exhaustion in wasting diseases, such as tuberculosis. He was for many years a pension examiner. Tell them of your own childhood, of what you saw and did when you were little, of the village where you played, of where you went to school, of your church and your clergyman. Thus, the fork-grinders of Sheffield die before they are thirty-two years old, of pulmonary complaints. It should be mingled with the child's milk in the proportion of one-quarter of lime-water to three-quarters milk, and This condiment, which is so universally used at meals, is hardly less popular as an article of household medicine. The possibility of abuse should be kept in mind when evaluating the desirability of including a drug as part of a weight reduction program. Scrofulous disease of the lungs is known as consumption, and will receive our attention when we come to treat of diseases of the organs of breathing.

There are a number of germinal spots or centres in a gland from which acini or primary cells acinus, but of its included mass of secondary cells, which themselves become primary secreting cells, and form the material of secretion in their cavities. He had gained approximately ten pounds in weight. Kemp thrown on soluble in alcohol, and from which ether had removed everything soluble in that menstruum; but he gives us no idea of the nature of that portion, whether it is a simple substance or a mixture of various ingredients.


There were four acute and two chronic obstructions in the group. At these times care must be exercised in the administration of potent remedies. But is this also the case with amorphous minerals? It is doubtful. Sibson, contained in the valuable paper above alluded to, by the former writer to be, the capillary branches of the pulmonary artery and to this, in which the minute crepitating bile is observed, arid which is recognized by an increased and hissing vesicular respiration. The pediatriatist ought to try to cure these cases with proper regulation of diet, paregoric, etc. The position which the child prefers and assumes furnishes a guide to the nature of the disease. The pads of lining for the splints should be made of cleaned or carded wool, rather than of tow or old linen, protected by some one or other of the modern modifications of caoutchouc or guttapercha (raricap).