A solution may be made by dissolving one ounce of corrosive sublimate and two ounces of hydrochloric acid in six gallons of water, which are coloured by ten grains of aniline blue. When the smaller doses are used, it is often exceedingly useful to add ten grains of the citrate or tartrate of iron to each dose.

In broncho-vesicular there is an equal length of both, but the pitch is higher. The lesions of the kidney associated with ascites generally exercise their pernicious influence through the diseases of the heart which supervene during their course.


Nowhere on the earth is the physical and economical general life and welfare so complete as it is in the United States of America today.

Fractures of the shaft of the bone usually give all the signs of fracture, and are easy to recognise. Cularly indicated where the presence of worms is suspected. Stone, an opportunity to hear about the progress of the General Subject: Tuberculosis in a Nation at War. Ordered, That it be referred to the Medical 40 Committee. Thus men are led to read the best books as they are led to associate with the best of their fellows, for they perceive that virtue goes out of each superior being when he is touched, and that sympathetic association awakens dormant ideals to life.

The external semilunar fibro-cartilage is attached by its anterior horn to the non-articular surface of the tibia in front of the tibial spine, end of the anterior crucial ligament. The congested; blood did not flow from its cut surface. All fine work, work requiring detail, is near work. It is important for those whose fate it is to see such convulsions to bear clearly in mind the fact that there is absolutely no suffering connected with them so far as the patient is concerned. Hot cloths were then placed over the nose for five' minutes, when the injection was again tried, the needle entering the same opening. He had a fine and delicate wit, a woman's heart, composition and the intelligence of an artist.

In some instances, as Naegeli' lias suggested nature appears to make an effort at compensation by lowering the level of a theoretical barrier that is normally present to prevent all the marrow elements from beincr poured forth. The problem of additionally difficult by the Workmen's Compensation Act; thus the factory realizes in hiring a one-eyed man that in event of his losing to that one arm.

I got a letter only this morning from the secretary of the Arkansas State Society calling attention to what some of you may have seen has occurred. Was als Fecbter du tuft, baft aucb als Firzt 25 du getan'). Certainly the demonstration that bacillemia is so prominent in enteric fever lends little support to the specific value of intestinal treatment of this disease. The aide-de-camp, Lemarrois, introduced the price boy, who, on recognizing his father's sword, burst into tears. The program was as follows: Consumption and the Possibilities of Its Eradication Through the Combined Action of Wise Government, Well Trained Physicians and an Intelligent and the Truth About Tuberculosis." These meetings were largely attended by the laity of Baltimore as well as the medical profession, and the city is to be congratulated on the interest A STATEMENT OF FACTS IN A MALPRACTICi: SUIT. All forms of disease may be present at once, sometimes one and sometimes another occurring first; but parenchymatous The cells of the convoluted tubes arypear to be larger and richer in albumen than those in the straight ones; and any disease of the former, rendering them inactive, is of far more serious import than affects principally the straight canals and papilla, and is often continued from the bladder and urethra. To the Associate Editors thanks are due for their helpfulness and encouragement "20" and special mention must be made of Sir William Osier, who has found time not only to write articles, but to procure them Captain Charles Singer and his wife have rendered assistance that we feel will be appreciated not only by the readers of the Annals of Medical History but by all medical men of both America and England. In order to understand why there is such a great ditlerence between bacteria lioating free in the blood and tlie same bacteria cuiitined in some isolated locality, it is necessary to bear in niiml the fact that sujipuration is a fight between the white cells and the bacteria. To prepare twenty-four ounces of food he allows a quart and half a pint (forty ounces) of milk to stand in a high milk bottle for six hours, and removes the top eight ounces (half a pint); he secures in this manner a cow's milk which contains an excess of cream or fat and the amount of casein normal for cow's milk. Let a large bougie be introduced into the bladder, and be retained there.

If one centers his study upon the autonomic nervous system as such he is apt to lose sight of the fact that the nerves and the associated ganglia are to a great extent only a conducting apparatus for emotional impulses originating in the brain. Thanks to a learned Venetian "it" gentleman, Mr.