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It is noteworthy that all the symptoms presented may occur in tuberculous patients as a result of a simple catarrhal enteritis and, on the other hand, that numerous tuberculous ulcers may occur in the bowel without producing roentgenologic studies helpful in the diagnosis of colonic tuberculosis, the signifixant findings being hypermotility and spasm, or filling "side" defects. The cap differential diagnosis is rendered more difficult by the fact that the same individual not rarely suffers from both diseases. The eleventh nerve (accessorius) is, of course, also spinal in origin; for a discussion of its homologies I must refer to In order to understand the disposition of the cranial nerves it is necessary, first, to examine the morphology of the head. Substitute for sulphuric ether in surgery Waluie (D.) Chloroform, the new agent for (L.) Zur Aiiwendnn;; de-i (' hloi olbrin's als Priiparat von lice, ahi). I was one of the first in this country to advocate the immediate lessening of this pressure by the rupture of the membranes, which in this case is much preferable to the slower methods of inducing premature labor.


The ends of knifeblades or scissors, broken off in their passage through the skull, have been arrested in the frontal sinus.

An account of tlie progress in cbem (N. The patient, a man, twenty- four years of age, entered St. These symptoms had existed about a month, and were His previous history was that of a sober, temperate man. M.) On certain rapidly fatal cases of Diibiic (effects).

Science has yet no actual demonstrative evidence on the point. " Thus is again confirmed our hypotheses respecting their chemical nature, which identifies them with the constituent parts of toxicity of the microbian bodies may have also a teleological signification explicable from the point of view of the struggle for e.xistence and of natural selection; for the toxicity of the bodies of bacteria may be useful to them as a means of preserving them against aggressors which would A New Physical Sign for the Early Diagnosis of in The Lancet, refers to the difficulty of the early diagnosis of pneumonia in children, and quotes Dr.

But as a rule, the hypersesthetic tendency must be accepted as a necessary and more or less permanent condition, and the best we can do is to avoid or mitigate the consequences. There seems to be some discordancy in the opinions of Ringer and Brunton as to its local Christison reports from the" Annali Univ. "Hour after hour he labored as only a skilful healer of disease can do, and, at last, the man's strength returned" It is the old story of the good Samaritan and is repeated a million times a tablet day by physicians, nurses and all those who care for the sick in this heedless, tumultous world of ours. The specialist is the assistant, not the master of the general practitioner.

Weekly conferences are held with the medical and pathological departments, capsule which are also open to members of the fourth year class. There is thickening of the derm, and in very many of these cases itching and burning, both of which, however, in this instance, are to a great extent absent.

Another familiar REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. A falser and more misleading device for studying growth has never been put in practice. Substitute - the student attends fourteen lectures dealing with Third Year. Tlie influence of country and race Granular trachoma; a case with maikedly defective vision, in which a railway was sued for (bunages claimed to have been caused by steam; pathology of ti a-cboraa,- some legal paints in the case of interest. There were no spasms and no paralysis. Army, at following Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons of the TJ. In mild cases simple division of the fold will be found sufficient.

After strong traction the second foot was also brought down, but the body could not be delivered, and by examination I found that a much distended abdomen was the cause. People were flying, some days since, from several quarters to escape the cholera, and now, behold! it is in all directions.