Anti-syphilitic treatment was followed by the disappearance of the specific symptoms, as well as of the myxedema. Fetus had been dead some time, as shown by the friability of for tissues.

Many of your traveled readers may remember Dr. There were no abnormalities in the eyeground other than those Attracted by the situation of the pain, and by the fact, previously unmentioned, that the asthenopia and also the pain were liable to be present most severely in the early morning hours, or, at all events, after resting, an reported as follows:" There is a distinct tender spot over the right antrum; the septum is much engorged, with a myxomatous and hypersensitive spot high up on the right side. The be superior to the potassium, sodium, and lithium compounds, and in chronic nephritis, in which it is said to remarkably diminish the quantity of albumin excreted without increasing the flow of urinarywater. Ingrowing nails should be cut transversely and not rounded, and the soft parts may be relieved of pressure and irritation by placing a piece of lint or cotton between the nail and skin-fold. Thrown aside because found needless, testify to the importance of improvement in the movements of affected Umbs from the inception of the disease to the period of complete restitution. On examination the spleen was found to be enlarged and tender and there was marked tenderness in the left hypochondrium. In the early part of last month a patient was brought into hospital under my care, apparently on about the eighteenth day of the disease, suffering from diarrhea and a slight cough. All our sensory impressions, from which our thoughts are derived, can reach our singly or combined, and second, from memories of past sensations. The results were not without interest. This is the only way that we can account for the difficult urination and muscular hypertrophy found in those cases in which there is no great obstruction from stricture. The interpretation of the tablet preceding phenoma is on the whole not difficult. During this quarter of a century three methods of physiological therapeutics had been developed.


At times, however, the atrophy is preceded by jmroxysms, which may or may not accompany the clonic contractions referred to. The stutterer is psychically analyzed, and all the unconscious elements which have helped to constellate the feeling of inferiority are brought into consciousness and used all the exaggerated compensatory strivings are made clear to the patient. This persistence of the enlargement for a long period Several other abdominal features are worthy of mention in association with a special discussion of the tumor. Let me adjure you to avoid the quackish practice of frightening your patients with high-sounding Latin or Greek names for unimportant ailments. Appetite and digestion are good, and the bowels are regular. Therefore in this cafe abflinence any good reafon againft that, a clyftcr is ferviceable.

He was graduated from Columbia University fourteen years ago. This gives a clue to the real chances which any young medical man has of at once getting into a lucrative practice. In experimenting with poultices three therinometers were simultaneously used, one inserted in the poultice itself, one placed between the poultice and the skin, and one in some cavity of the body immediately beneath the poultice. Epidemics of this character had been described, but the evidence was far from convincing. Pulmonary Consumption, is unquestionably an important one; and doubtless any attempt, especially when founded upon matured experience, at pointing out the means of obviating such a complaint, or curing it when present, and, moreover, Ao shoW tr make apparent the fallacy and danger of relying upon the imaginary efficacy of certain proposed specific medicines in it, cannot but be acceptable to the faculty and the community. Of this she was entirely relieved by treatment while at Hot Springs, Ark., whither she had accompanied her For one year past she has been under the care of another physician for slight deafness.

As the poison is being formed in the mucosa of the small intestine a part of it is taken up by the blood stream and causes the characteristic clinical reaction, a part is not taken up, but is excreted into the lumen of the gut, and once in the intesdnal lumen the ptoison is inert in so far as the host is concerned.

An eye adjoining such a sac is always in peril; a corneal abrasion usually becomes infected, and then we have the picture of the so-called"serpent ulcer," which may lead to perforation and complete destruction "150" of the eye.