Of the educational aims of tlic linilding and dwelt especially upon (he facilities which it would afford for the teaching of Dr. Another argument against a routine supplementary gastroenterostomy is the resultant confusion in the analysis of vagotomy 10 as a therapeutic measure against peptic ulcer, for each of these surgical procedures has been used in its own right in the treatment of this problem. Speaking of insanity in general, Clouston says," I look in any form of mental disease, and in the estimation of the intensity of brain overaction, one-half a degree is equivalent to two degrees in the measurement of a febrile disturbance." The return of menstruation is a good sign, not because it in any way leads to recovery, hut because it indicates a return to normal condition on the part of the bodily functions. Several jiapules aijpeared upon the sides of the fingers, and a few on the palms. The patient at one time drank moderately, but of late drank only an occasional glass or two of beer. The tropical forests which originally covered the greater part of the island have been cleared to a large extent and have become replaced by bush and indigenous mammals met with are Cercopithecus mona, Viverra civeta (civet-cat), field-rats, mice, and frugivorous and insectivorous bats. If so this text should fulfill his purpose well (safecet).

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This paper has probably aroused more general attention among neurologists than any other paper of recent times dealing with the structure of the cerebral hemispheres, and tliis, on account of the anatomical confirmation which the discovery seemed to furnish, of the localization doctrine based on the electrical stimulation of the cortex cai'ried out by Hitzig and Fritsche.

Hyaline degeneration of so striking a character as to have been termed pseudopathological takes place regularly in the ectoderm (outer epithelium) of the placental chorion.

Wliy was Germany the country first to adojit antiseptic surgery? Why did almost every surgeon in every German university eagerly embrace Lister's system almost at the same moment and as soon as it was clearly presented? The answers to these questions are, I believe, to be sought mainly in the character of the scientific and practical training of surgeons in Germany, and it is especially upon the question of the training of surgeons that I wish to dwell in the remainder of this address. If they are not found and the discharge is mucoid in character, the patient must the risk he runs. MORPHOLOGICAL AND GENETIC DIFFERENCES OF tablet WING LENGTH IN DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER AND D.


The arteries are hardened, tense, tortuous, and the pulse usually of As to treatment, several of the cases had been in the hospital previous to their fatal illness,.and had then improved greatly in all respects after the exhibition of digitalis, cathartics, diuretics, and In arteriosclerosis we find, as a rule, a much greater enlargement of the heart than in valvular weight is greater than in diseases dependent upon pathological defect of the valves. Prideaux had been connected there was a mixture kept, containing among other ingredients a solution of strychnia, of which there were five minims to the ounce of water. Therefore, it is very plain that poor sleepers should pass many hours in the day in sunshine, and as few as possible in the enough: mg.

N., on Epimys New England, Phormia azurea in, New Guinea, mosquitos and malaria New South Wales, experiments with Nicotine, in formula for treating Nigeria, new Calliphorine flies from, nigra, Olfersia; Ophyra; Stomoxys. The lymph node removed from the right hilus area did not reveal any evidence of metastatic disease, but there was considerable fibrocollagenous replacement of the nodal architecture and several areas of fibrinoid necrosis. And here the sanitaiw value of the practice is most apparent. Instead, look for; Tuberculosis is usually only in the lungs.

There have been three acts passed, I believe. In such cases it was imperative that the union of the wound should begin at the base, and thus gradually gather in and draw the cuticle towards the center as it proceeded outwards. The druggist to whom my prescription was taken refused to put it up, alleging that it was a rank poison, to the serious detriment of my reputation, my explanation having shared the proverbial fate of truth lagging behind the lie, which had several hours start of it. In the chronic cases, the cause of the discharge, whether it be a stricture already formed, granulating patches, areas untreated and uncured in the posterior urethra, involvement of the seminal vesicles, or any one or more of the many possible causes, must be sought for by one competent to so search, and when found must be treated and cured. Although, from its frequent association with disease of the heart, we commonly think of hypertrophy of the heart as a pathological lesion, it is rather a manifestation of the normal physiological power of the heart (like any muscle) to develop in proportion to the amount of exercise it pei-forms, provided it is xvell nourished. It is better to have no bandage at all than one that is dirty or wet. It is certain that there will be a thousand medical men present, and probably twice that number. I examined her, but could find nothing physically wrong. The detailed description of the organs, other than the intestine, will be omitted.

Unless propie are frightened by the actual presence of the disease in virulent form, they are exceedingly likely to evade the regulations of boards of health, particularly in those regions where the anti-vaccination fanaticism is rife. The frying pan is price indispensable for some things, but very bad for chops and steaks. The topics covered range from electrophysiology of the eye, to medical and pediatric ophthalmology, newer diagnostic and surgical techniques, and the adverse effect of drugs.