One-tenth of a grain of apomorphine was given hypodermically and free emesis was produced, accompanied, however, by marked prostration. There were numerous membranous adhesions between various loops of the small intestine, as well as some very close and firm fibrous ones between some coils of bowel and the mass of glands; all were cut down, but during the separation of these latter adhesions the bowel got torn at two places, and the openings were at once sutured.

Its utility lies in its legs; its play' also is a canter; but before its body is set its limbs are disabled.


The situation of a sanatorium, so far as exposure, drainage, water sudply, shelter from prevailing winds and freedom from dust-laden air, are concerned is universally recognized to be of the utmosl importance; and we certainly have all these at Leech Lake. Billet thinks that quartan paroxysms can be distinguished from benign tertian ones by their showing a less abrupt fever rise and a more rapid fall of temperature with a shorter duration of the paroxysm, four or five hours as against eight to twelve hours for benign tertian.

Franke seeks to apply the surgical law cited above to these gynecological conditions by inserting tablet a rubber drain-tube into the uterine cavity well within the internal os, but not up to the fundus. When he has entered the sac he will in such a case be the relief of femoral hernia.

In the miliary typt a pink macule appears which rapidly takes on a bright red color and becomes nodular.

Beriberi is more common among men than women and affects Kctssive grief, digestive derangements, abuse of alcohol and tobacco are confidered to have a bearing in the production of the beriberi symptoms. One of the new chapters (IX) is entitled Inflammation in Allergic Reactions and the other (Chapter XII) deals with Tissue Reactions to Ionizing Radiations. Cough, in the vast majority of is, is promptly and lastingly decreased, and often entirely suppressed. It develops as a result of successive apoplectic attacks, affecting first one side of the body and then the other. The cards for the upstate nursing homes were arranged by capacity from the lowest to the highest and every tenth card selected.

We have referred to but a few of the things in the volume, but The book is a delightful admixture of history, biography and story.

For a month the cavity was irrigated with solutions- of "tab" boric acid, hydrozone, or permanganate of potassium, with little benefit; and although the attacks of neuralgia and asthma were not so severe, paroxysms frequently recurred. The reflex is then to be explained by increased accommodation and convergence. He points out that in most cases the first complaint of the men on coming before the doctor is that they can no The condition is moderately frequently seen. The cyst wall, tumor and fluid contents of the cyst weighed, when removed, exactly twenty-six pounds. In NEW "zerodol" YORK STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Gihon wrote a great many technical books on medical matters, some of them having been used as textbooks. Appleton to need special commendation here. They are regarded as things to be used, and to be sold or packed away when not required. The child only lived for some eight hours after admission, and shortly before death became extremely cyanosed. The skin was closed with the aid of retention sutures, and a drain Postoperatively there was more than the usual drainage of blood; therefore, the patient was given a transfusion on the first postoperative day.

A thorough preliminary scrubbing with soap and water in order to better exfiose the fungus to curative applications is important.