Leukocytes and epithelial cells are found at times, and in rare cases shreds of gastric mucosa (Gastritis tab exfoliativa, Parisier). The blood cells have their being dependent to the same extent upon the tissues that they are upon that fluid; and we must seek the cause of any alteration in the character of the blood, in the tissues through which it flows, and the changes undergone by the organs whose duty it is to furnish the necessary elements of which it is composed. I revert to a consideration of the disease in question as a result or complication of some other distinctive disease. The State of Texas, which authorized him to organize and conduct the Gate City Medical College and School of Pharmacy, at Texarkana, Texas. Their significance has not The general symptoms and morbid anatomy of malaria are in harmony with the changes which these parasites induce. Thinks it is no safer but better than laughing gas, as this latter agent produces a blood stasis and dark appearance of the patient, and is followed by more hemorrhage. As only the poorest accommodations can be found for this class, they are not only unbenefited and must slowly sink into a miserable grave, but they are a great menace to the community, not having the means to provide sanitary measures for themselves and not caring for others. If intermittent, as from coughing, the symptoms are a sense of fulness in the head, headache, and sometimes convulsions; these are increased by exertion, by the patient lying in the dorsal decubitus, and by constipation.


Small demonstrated the removal of ingrowing toe nails, and gave a splendid clinical lecture. The indefatigable delegate of hygiene, Dr. The disease is most common between the fortieth and sixtieth years. There was a circumscribed area of healing gangrene at the margin of the lung with great increase of fibrous tissue about it. He is easiest in the sitting position, and likes hot things. Macroscopically the affection does not look tuberculous, but histologically miliary granulations and bacilli may be found, f Tubercles are usually present in the bronchial glands, but the appearance of the broncho-pneumonia may be exceedingly deceptive, and it may require careful microscopical examination to determine its tuberculous character.

In mild cases the sugar disappears; in the severer cases it continues to be formed from the proteids. Hearing, sight, smell and feeling are the avenues we travel to reach the threshold of the subjective state and like the daring general we burn the bridges behind us, destroy the road we have traveled and leave in their place a perfect blank. Salt solution should be given frequently, and acts temporarily on the serum, (c) Phosphorus is without value and iron is often injurious, (d) Arsenic, recommended by Bramwell, is said to have cured the disease, though most cases have not been followed out thoroughly; it is, nevertheless, the best remedy known. While all good journal articles could not be noticed, the authors are to be congratulated on their good selections. Neuritis may be single or multiple (polyneuritis).

The vast array of facts which this latter has already afiorded to the pyramid of positive medicine are too valuable to be discarded or forgotten. D,, Read before the Minnesota State Homeopathic Medical Society, St. The several times a year, either in nutrition program to the federal to provide nutrition to pregnant and children up until age five in an effort to improve health billion annual budget which is the Gramm-Rudman legislation.

From this we see that cancer is the most common form of growth. The clearest instance is after bone fractures, contusions of the liver, or after delivery in which fat enters the blood from the pelvic cellular tissue. Cases have been met with also in acute myelitis and in transverse myelitis, and occasionally in severe neuralgia. In some diseases, bleeding is half the treatment; people, and fearful and weak people, when they require to lose blood, may liave leeches in preference to venesection; more especially in the cases of bad blood produced by diseased air, bile and cough.

The plan adopted by the New York Health Department is a model which may be followed with advantage in other cities.

Pathologically they are areas of superficial necrosis, into which exudation of fibrin "zerodol" and round cells occurs (stomatitis fibrin osa disseminata). Large effusions may break internally, and pus is then suddenly detected in "tablet" the sputum.