Animal experimentation, too, hindi has been unsatisfactory with these cocci. Powell remarked that the pulmonary was blocked. It is a greater philanthropy to pay the girls in their employ living wages so that the temptation to go wrong will be removed, than to leave millions in their last will and testament to cathedrals, hospitals, and similar charities. And there isgood evidence to show that the f.-ecal residua of nutrients may long remain within the canal without any corresponding damage being done to the economy, the freces undergoing nochange during a prolonged retention which can injuriously influence it; so that the differences in the production of stools are attended with no corresponding differences in health of the individuals concerned. The bowels are inflamed, the Peyer's patches being the foci of inflammation, and it is but the application of commonsense principles to seek for some means of combatting this intestinal inflammation. To sum up: time, renders unnecessary many operations, v.'ithout which patients would have been dosage as well, if not better off. The lower segment of the gladiolus would also be 300 found somewhat smaller than usual.

There are, generally, extraneous substances in it also. Some surgeons make it a practice to ablate carbuncles just as though dealing with malignant tumors. Martin has done good work by passing the syrup remedial agent through animal membranes. Such cases are often rebellious to the ordinary 500 methods of treatment. Allen of Brownsville indorsed the position taken by tab the essayist with regard to removal of the gall-bladder. This is especially the case when large are the seat of the lesion, much of the blood upon which the curative process act mainly on the vasomotor center and thus raise the blood-pressure throughout the entire organism.

The rhizome and roots are the parts used. But there is an arrangement of fine laminated fibres crossing each other in all directions. President and Gentlemen, I must apologize for the many allusions to personal investigations that my remarks will contain. He next rapidly plunged the scaljjel into the groove of the staii at a point a little to the left of the raphe, and on a level with the anterior extremity of the tuber ischii, and then, without limning the scalpel along the groove, he made it cut its way thi'ough the soft tissues.

About this time, and sometimes on the third day, what is known as"KopliVs sign," appears on the buccal and labial mucous membrane, viz., bright red spots, varying in size from a pin-head to a split pea, each of which is surmounted with minute pearl-white specks. In the cases which I presented no electrical examinations were made systematically because of battery trouble, but this method of examination of muscles and nerves is not only valuable in diagnosis but also in the prognosis of an individual case. A proportional ventilation might have brought the figures even closer thyroid uses involvement. A CLINICAL STUDY OP THREE CASES OF PRIMARY Foimerly ABsistaiit at the Medical and Surgical Clinict of the Uniyereitf of In this study only primary tomors of the heart will be considered; the secondary growths of that viscas, being of lesser interest, will not cases of sarcoma reported by Hoffenroth, Birdch-Hirschfeld, Weiss, and Azzurini, and two cases of fibromyzoma attributed to Jagers In the middle of the last century Virchow described the first case of primary myoma of the heart, and he unconditionally admitted that there was with it a secondary cancer of the organ. Were this the only advantage, it would be a great one; I believe that in our hospital it has saved many a patient from erysipelas; certainly we have been for the last eight months very free from it after operations, while just before it was very prevalent. In this country it is not long since measles was allowed to prevail, and parents sometimes wilfully exposed their children, believing that sooner or later they must have the disease.


There were absolutely no physical signs (in). It may be as short as two "dry" days; from five to six days is probably the average duration of this stage.

The series of experiments, conducted by Sir William Whitla and Professor Symmers, proved conclusively that tubercle bacilli introduced into the system by way of the alimentary canal, like pieces of carbon granules, will soon find their way into the lungs by way of the thoracic duct. In "benefits" urethral infection copious urination should be induced.