One of the lacunje in the neighbourhood of the conimeuccment of the urethra is sometimes found of a size equal to the meatus Tirinarius itself; and the catheter may be directed within it, under the belief that it is passing into the urethra. Whether, as Darwin supposes, the original genns are composed of myi-iads of infinitesimal living particles, many of which may remain quiescent and inactive during one or two generations but be roused into activity and reproduce themselves in the tab third, or whether all the living germinal matter of germ and body is tainted with this hereditary malady, it boots little to inquire. Have heard with deep regret of the severe bereavement which has fallen upon their esteemed Presi- i dent, in the death of Lady Hastings; and that they elected a Director of the Medical Provident Fund in the place of the late Dr. The patients usually fatten rapidly as the solid food is added, and with the gain in weight there is usually a diminution or cessation of the nervous symptoms. Where the division approached the palatine bones, it did not require to be fixed, but resisted the knife by the strength of its adJiesions.

Amona- the disting-uisbed visitors present were the Duke of Wellington, the Marquis Camden, the Primate of Ireland, many other dignitaries of the church, and several of the judges. Universities are a necessity for the highest walks of professional education in every civilised land. The materials for this publication I have had in readiness for some time, but have hitherto forborne to use them.

Not only, indeed, may the nipple become diseased, and perhaps destroyed, but the whole system of the nurse may be affected, and the entire train of secondary symptoms may follow in their successive order; of which sad consequences more than one instance has come under my own observation.

I must add, that I now regret I did not propose the operation of paracentesis" Although the opposite lung was healthy, yet the displacement of the heart and the absence of any other cause of death indicate that the fatal termination was due to interference with the respiratory process. Vons vous rapprochcrez aussi Ksepaules pour descendre lentement le long de I'epine du bire les passes snivantes sur les bras en commenfant aux"Lorsque vous voudrez terminer la seance, vous aurez soin Kcouant vos doigts achaque fois, Enfm, vous ferez davant lie visage, et meme devant la poitrine, quelques passes en avers, i la distance de trois ou quatre pouces. The countenance pallid; vomiting occasionally; surface cold; pulse frequent, and scarcely perceptible at the wrist. Garrod will kindly state on what ground he recommends the sulphuric ether. R, which had been the first step towards the induction of the maniacal disease.

By acting upon both the offending organs simultaneously, condition of the bowels. On inspecting the body after death, it was remarked that the abdomen was tumid, and soft under the hand, having lost its former firmness. The annual general meeting of the widows and orphan children of deceased members of the Society had received ordinary reUef during the limits within which medical men must live to become members of the Society, we refer to the advertise-, EoTAL SociETT.

There is one other view that might be taken of this question, and that is with reference to its legal bearings. Higoinbottom, in January last, at London, the practice of forming oxi eschar by the lunar caustic over small ulcers and recent wounds, has trouble, and danger. If I draw upon the former, it will be mainly because they appear to me to have delineated Nature's workings in disease better than I can, not because I desire the authority of great names to bolster up an hypothesis. Another good way of applying it, especially in walking cases, to get a moderate continuous effect, is to annoint the spinal tract for an inch or more on each side of the spinous processes morning and evening with a half fluidrachm, and cover it with a strip of oiled silk under the clothing. This adhesion predisposes to increased tension, but we must look further to decide why some cases develop it and some do not. The two condyles and the tip of the olecranon do not form an equilateral triangle in any position. We shall be more exact in detailing the particulars hereafter, marseille not feeling at liberty to anticipate the report that will probably be made to both houses.

At that time I was unacquainted with the possibility of such a case occurring; and not being able to explain it, I shewed the preparation to some experienced anatomists, who were as much puzzled as myself Howei er, thinking I might in time discover something more about it, I put it into spirits, and remained perfectly in the dark as to when I was requested by an eminent physician to assist him in translating a paper relating to obstetric science which he had received from Breschet, to be forwarded to the Medico- Chirurgical Society. Secondly, it is well known that the lying-in woman is often exposed to, and not unfrequently attacked with, the eruptive fevers, or acute specific diseases.

They have left no mark upon the University, except the foundation of their owm chair and of that of botany.

On March ist, I therefore addressed the principal medical officer officially on the subject, informing him that I suspected disease was being concealed, and requesting that I might be allowed to put my suspicions to the test by means of a"health-inspection".


Hubbard, would succeed; but as the friends were solicitous that some course, other than an operation, might effect a cin"e, and us a few days delay "blogserflamengo" seemed to be ie()iiisite, that the system migiit be prepared for the operation, it was thought advisable to try the plan susigesteii.

A large amount of clear fluid was found and the transverse colon appeared the size of a lead pencil. The patient is dii-ected to look at the largest among Jaeger's test-types, suspended about twenty feet distant; alternately convex and are rotated before his eye, in order to ascertain the position of the glass which affords the best correction of the defect. The old doctrine of the" erases" still holds good, though likely to be revived in a more precise and tangible form; and when we can measure accurately the changes in the nutrition of the body in subjects of the many taints which have received distinctive names, as well as those for which no names have been devised, we shall also be able with more certainty to fix and apportion the remedies calculated to restore the exact dement that is wanting, or to counteract the excessive production of another, as well as to adjust the mere disturbance of the normal balance of the forces.