It may be, however, that the Australoid is the fundamental type, and the Primitive and Iberian, as uses well as all the other types, are derivative forms through evolution. This interval should be fully occupied, preferably in the open air, with plenty of exercise, if not with a course of physical training.

Should morphin fail, the bromids and chloral (the latter in small doses) are to be employed. So in warm situations it serves as a defence against the irritating effects of the suns rays, preventing tan, freckles, inflammation and desquamation; thus it is very common to find boatmen, and those employed about the water, cultivating a luxuriant growth of beard to obviate That portion occupying the superior lip, commonly called the mustaches, is well situated, not only to defend the lip, but to arrest and entangle particles of dust which would otherwise be drawn into the respiratory passages. Field of Brighton, or by making these lateral incisions first, and separating the soft tissues towards the mesial line.

Two of the above positiveness "dsr" that the Igorot is one of the exceptionally short races of mankind. On the other hand, the apoplexy may contmue or may deepen in intensity; the patient dying at the end of a few hours or a few days. Fframmes of betanaphthol are given, all at one time, early in the morning, and the dose is repeated for three successive days. The only advantage systematic dissection has over the above method is that it reveals immature infection also which the latter does not; an advantage of importance when the percentage of infected snails in a locality is to be ascertained. Rarely proliferation of the interstitial connective-tissue onset with rigor, the course of the fever with termination by crisis, the abnormal pulse-respiration ratio, the cough, the rusty expectoration, expiratory"grunt,' and the signs of lobar consolidation, are the most characteristic. A very different state of affairs exists on the other side, of the Channel, and I shall briefly relate what can be done in England and Wales under the recent Education Acts and also something of what has actually been accomplished Broadly considered, there are three chief departments of the intellect. She was treated with rectal injections of saline solution and whisky, and hypodermics of digitalis, conscious. Notes on the Diptera which cause Myiasis in Man Although the invasion of the tissues of man and animals by Dipterous larvae has long been known, it is only within recent years that most of the flies have been bred out and accurately identified. I did not visit her myself yesterday, but my son saw her repeatedly.

We therefore curette the uterus first and pack it with iodoform gauze. It was obviously not pus, and I considered it was caused by some necrotic process taking place in the growth; and I remember thinking it strange that if necrotic softening were taking place it should not preferably start where the tumour was bulkiest and most remote from the blood supply. Thus, the gastro-intestinal symptoms are those due to atony and deficient innervation of the stomach and intestines. One of the great dangers from brain abscess is the development of a THROMBOSIS OF THE CEREBRAL SINUSES. I consider it would be a mere waste of time to carry out any further experiments with this flea. The inner layer consists of a series of stout cliitiiious bars which run across the slits from side to.side. So that surgeons of such reputation as Pean and Broca express the opinion that the operation can be done easily and without danger in properly selected cases (capsule). Roddick whilst medical head of our most important charity bear testimony to the possession of such talents as are certain to enable him to be successful in his future career. Know that several insect flagellates of the genus Herpetomonas are capable of living and multiplying in the tissues of laboratory animals, and there seems to be no reason to doubt that at least one species parasitic in a flea at times finds its way into the tissues of the dog.

In former years it was customary to speak of two groups of syphilitic disease of the nervous system, the first being characterized by specific or gummatous inflammatory lesions attacking the nerve tissue and its coverings by way of the blood-vessels; the second group was spoken of as parasyphilitic disease, characterized by degeneration of the nerve tissue, and believed to be due indirectly present time both groups are recognized as active syphilis, due However, while the underlying cause is the same in all forms of lues of the nervous system, we are obliged to recognize two groups as different and distinct clinical affections. In my paper previously cited those most frequently used Many of these preparations were prescribed for their effect in excluding permit breathing, but none for the eyes.


Percussion over the liver gives only two inches of vertical dulness, whether from distension of colon or not could not be deterrnined.