Physician of the City Hospital, or other person in charge of the books and records of the City Hospital, shall make to the Board of Health a weekly report, to contain the following items, namely: the name of every patient received into the Hospital, the date of admission, the name of the disease or injury for which he may be treated, the result of the treatment, the termination of the case, the date of discharge or decease, as the case may be, together with such other details as the suspension Board of Health may require. Looking back over the brief period of his incumbency, we feel safe in saying that no greater success could have been obtained with the means at hand and the price opportunity presented. Small portions of it are found separated, and rolled up and crisp, and sometimes wounds of an oval shape are cyfra noticed, passing from right to left in an oblique direction, and extending into the subcutaneous cellular tissue. If disease of an extended area of the roof of the third ventricle can cause paralysis of efferent nerves passing in close proximity, it is a simple physiological analogue that disease of circumscribed groups of cortical ganglionic cells, whose function has been determined once for all, can cause functional troubles in other connected groups. Fortunately, such alterations are rare. Groldberger claims to have produced the disease by dietary restriction, withholding proteid Denison, has la urged that the disease is conveyed through the medium of the common bed bug. The glutens maximus is involved and there may be difficulty in rising from a seat. Powder - is it not possible that the organic poisons which act as living creatures within the organism may come also under the same law? We had a little negro child who was bom in oar small-pox hospital, and lived for months in an atmosphere reeking with the poison of small-pox, without contracting the disease. As has been staled, the disease is most commonly seen in two main types, though combinations mav occur. Some one hour of the day may be left free for reading, correspondence, conversation, and games. A widow and two children survive him. The sympathetic nerves of the heart, with the hormone adrenin. Holt has long been known as a most industrious and painstaking investigator, and in this volume he sustains that reputation. In these cases of chronic obstruction the finger-tips may be clubbed.

A posterior gastrojejunostomy was done, placing the stoma vertically in a line with the cardia. The treatment of the retroversion is secondary and incidental to that of the inflammatory disease.

Third, Medical Care: Though most prisons have a"jail physician," one rarely finds adequate medical attention given convicts.

It went through the three readings of the House with no apparent opposition, and it was not until the third reading in the Senate that any marked attempt was made to defeat the bill. We deem it plus unnecessary to do more than merely to allude to the experiments described by M. You will readily understand how a tumor growing in the white matter of the brain will, as it grows, press upon the nerve tracks from the arm or from the leg or face centers according to its proximity to their paths. I am suiprised that suits for infringements have not been instituted.


This infant was given barley water and later a whole milk mixture. The vomiting had continued about six weeks when I first saw him. But as sometimes it is necessary to bleed even on the first day, so it is never good after the fourth, when by time alone, the matter is either dissipated, or has corrupted the body; so that the evacuation may weaken, but cannot make it sound.