The first is due to the presence of acid toxins in the blood and urine, which cause an irritation of the tubular epithelium with a resulting hyaline degeneration. I simply wish to call the attention of the These rooms are in an out-of-the-way place unfortunately, and the exhibit is not desendng, so far as its excellence is concerned, of such a place, but should have the best room there is in this hotel; and you will all of you be repaid if you take time to visit that little display. Either operation f hould be performed under local anesthesia. An unmistakable sign of the disease is the occurrence of burning, more especially a sense of tightness or constriction, of the larynx. Many of the severe pneumonias admitted to the wards from line organizations were in soldiers who had sat around in quarters during their first attacks of influenza and came to the hospital only on the appearance of the more severe illness. Drops - panitic quality of one resembling that of the other too closely for If, however, the colon is empty of solids, and distended with air or gas, it is occasionally practicable to ascertain its size and course by auscultatory percussion. Arteriosclerosis may exist, however, without elevation of pressure, and, if cardiac muscle insufficiency be present, the pressure may be high. All are cordially invited to be present, and I am requested to say that there will be someUiing besides"smoke," and we hope that everyone will be present. Autopsy showed enlarged thymus, tonmls and general adenopathy, otherwise no abnormality. A peculiar feature is that while the medullary sheaths of the nerves undergo atrophy, many of the axis-cylinders persist in a remarkable manner, and do not disappear until late in the disease.

The mass of these tumours was also composed of adenoid gland-like tissue, of which The most frequent seat or point of attachment of these tumours is at the vault of the naso-pharynx, or at the upper part of its posterior wall, because the adenoid tissue, rich in follicles, is abundantly distributed over the normal mucous membrane of this part of the cavity; but it is also freely distributed on other parts, as in Eosenmiiller's fossa, and over the superior portion of the orifice of the Eustachian tube; indeed, from the one tube to the other, round the vault of the pharynx, this tissue forms a cushion, It is in those parts of the naso-pharynx, which are so abundantly furnished with the adenoid follicular tissue, that the socalled adenoid tumours are more commonly seen.


Their wound must be treated the way old surgeons used to do with an amputation stump, and they must be reinforced with a catgut stitch if this treatment has increased their initial injury, rendering them weak enough to jeopardize Sometimes, in wounds of the wrist and the ankle we have been in the necessity of dissecting, to cleanse and repair them, the extensor or flexer tendons the way we would have done for the removal of tuberculous synovitis, and thus to obtain, after primary suture, a perfect (g) We must not forget to excise as completely as possible this subcutaneous or intermuscular tissue infiltrated by dark blood or transformed into a kind of pink or brownish green gelatineous substance.

About two months before her confinement she sent for me, and I found her complaining of dysentery, losing considerable quantities of blood by the bowels. Being very conscious of this, I was not at all eager to operate, and as he was pretty well when I saw him on the forenoon of the oth, I determined, without doubt improperly, to wait. The relief of the later periods is probably to be explained by at least partial elimination of the toxines. Attention must be called in this connection to the fact that all normal hearts do not lie in this obhque position in the chest. Reduction may be indicated by rumbhng sounds or a gush of liquid fecal matter. The energy, care and fairness with which Dr.

Before the patient pen, ink and paper, a hand mirror, a match (any two or three other familiar objects will answer), and request "vitamin" him to write or ignite the match. If the brain that has charge of the uterus is diseased, will you please tell me what good will come if you fix the uterus, or even if you remove it? You have removed it, but you have left the brain that had charge of it; but this brain is diseased. A trial of the chloral hydrate in small doses in combination with the bromide of potassium also gave more or less relief, but occa-sioned headache, and the bromide of ammonium appeared to produce little or no effect for good. Needle is inserted near the upper margin of the rib which forms the pleura at too high a level. G., the genns of plague, cholera, typhoid fever, and erysipelas), and insects and rats, on which formalin does not exercise a noxious influence. As the air is rarefied, the drum is sucked outward and becomes convex in shape. It is also seen in tetanus and strychnine poisoning sips as a part of the general tonic spasm. Nissen succeeded in demonstrating toxines of like effect in the circulating blood of a patient affected with tetanus. The same complex of symptoms which had been present in that case was also, for the greatest part, to be found in the case which he now brought before the Society. Dosage - the gland groups most commonly affected are the cervical (frequently), bronchial, and mesenteric, less frequently the axillary and maxillary glands are usually the first to be involved, subsequently the postcervical, supraclavicular, and axillary may follow suit, and the disease may extend downward to the bronchial glands as well. Gummata originating in the subcutaneous tissues may grow to the size of a walnut.