In an average child comprehension of spoken words begins at the end of the first year, and at this period there is also cap use of words of the child's own invention, without significance. The skin exhibits an infinity of pores over its entire surface, and probably the whole of these transmit hairs. These two marks will include between them the proper amount of skin star to remove. Blood-sucking bugs are supposed to transmit the natural infection to NicoUe is also supposed to have succeeded in infecting dogs artificially The parasites of endemic boil disease, (Delhi or Aleppo boils), discovered by Wright and named Helcosoma tropicum, later as Leishmania tropica, are similar to the Leishman bodies. However, it Is advisable to cover the parts of organs with salt in order to prevent putrefaction when shipped for laboratory examination. The latter part of the definition distinguishes it uses from polydipsia. Following the operation for a number of davs, he showed some improvement, but his abdomen and chest presented nothing to account for the continuous "benefits" high temperature and rapid pulse as well as the steady loss of weight and strength.

In most instances he be by keeping the animal quiet, and having the leg bandaged, and giving him a high-heeled shoe with GROGGINESS. The testes are more frequently affected. They stand in the stable, or apart from the other animals in the barnyard or pasture, with head drooped, sometimes supporting it on the crib, the ears drooped, and the back arched. The primary infection, that is, the general febrile condition, may weaken the body to such an extent that the facultative pathogenic bacteria, especially the ovoid bacteria and streptococci, can exert their specific infective action.

It should be evident by this time to the advocates of a Department of Public Health that they are making little progress with their present methods; apparently composition they have thus far secured but one active supporter in Congress.

The signs tablet become the more obvious when the child cries. Dogs are liable to convulsions while cutting their teeth, and many even At seven years the marks in the four centre incisors are worn out, and are speedily disappearing in the corner ones. On examination the breast presented The second specimen was a tumor of the testicle, removed from tm a patient thirty years of age, who injured his testicle six or seven years ago. ; later, went to Baltimore, where he married, and afterwards moved to Kentucky; was very wealthy; lived at Georgetown, Scott County, Ky. A third series of fifteen observations were made by the aid of the sphygmograph upon ten persons in health change whatever was observed, and in two others there Was simply reduced firequency, as shown in trac less change in the eharader of the beat In studying these ohanges it is necessary to bear in mind that the 1mg volume of the pulse is influenced by four conditions i with in its circulation. The stump dries more slowly, while from the opening of the umbilical ring purulent or ichorous secretion may be pressed out.


If, therefore, we say, a mackintosh is once put on, it should on no account be removed until the clothes can be changed or dried by a fire without reduction of bodily temperature. After the ingestion of the meat and the organs of glanderous horses carnivora may also become infected with glanders. Vaccination and preventive Books of Questions set at the Examinations for the Diploma in Tropical Medicine The following are the Hospitals and Schools of Surgery and Medicine from which Fellowship will be received by this College, for the year commencing the first of I. In substance it sets forth in each issue, under the heading Medical Diary for hospitals, capsule the names of the operating surgeons attached thereto, and the day of the week and the hour at which they regularly officiate. Urine by means of a catheter, and then to follow up the treatment recommended for inflammation of the kidneys.