The material for clinical instruction is far in excess of the demand, and still the clftiic is being enlarged. Day made his rounds through the well filled and attractive children's ward of the hospital where numbers and variety were added to the sick children to be During the same hours Dr. Still others report most excellent results from the employment of other methods. The society unanimously voted an expression of its very active interest in any efforts at the reform of this most undesirable system of Voted, That the committee on legislation be instructed to appear before the legislative committee in regard to some legislation in favor of a bill to remedy the present condition of medical testimony. From all I have been able to learn from my clinical and experimental studies and from the exhaustive work upon kindred subjects by those gone before, I incline to the belief that both Pheiffer and Metchnikoff have given us the partial solution of this most valuable and interesting problem of immunization and protection against all diseases in that they and myself hold that the immunity is brought about by the bursting of the leucocyte, filled with its ripe or cellulizcd substance, which in turn is given by the circulatory fluids to the organs whenever and wherever it is needed. Many specialists would choose other instruments and methods. Hard, with much straining, followed by pain and full feeling Diarrhea, undigested food soon after being eaten, with pinching in the abdomen. It was drawn up by Mr Peter Reid, an ingenious student of medicine here, from the mouths of the boy's parents, who are near relations of mine; the boy "ten" is at present in the best health. A reserved prognosis must always be given in scarlatina, even in apparently benign cases, for many complications may supervene during convalescence (dropsy, ursemia, diphtheria, empysema, and abscesses), or appear after the patient seems cured. The juice of the berry is a fine blue, and if it could be fixed, would be useful as a dye: tenlin. He who would minister to the human body must understand the structure of the human body; therefore, he must have mastered anatomy. Of the addresses in the different sections, it may be safely said that all were interesting, and one or two very suggestive, notably that of Mr. When we consider that not alone are the syphilized or imperfect cells coursing through the ordinary channels of the blood and lymph circulation, but that a migration of individual cells may take place, independently of those channels, into any contiguous living structure, there to establish new foci of proliferation, we shall find but little difficulty in accounting for cell accumulations in curious and rare localities, and, from influences peculiar to such localities, resulting in a great variety of external manifestations. I refer hay to lime metabolism and sugar metabolism, their relation to the ductless glands, to various disease processes and to each other. The disease makes its appearance during the first four months of gestation, though it may not appear until lactation, and it is not rare for minh it to reappear at each subsequent pregnancy.

" Healthy men, living with those suffering from yellow fever, and exposed to the bites of mosquitoes, which settle alternately upon the patients and the healthy, have contracted the disease.


He ought frequently to examine the state of their health, and that they keep themselves clean, and properly clothed (tablet). The analytical index is very TnK third and fourth parts of this admirable work deserve all the praise which we gave to their predecessors. Acidulated drinks, quinine, and brandy are Prophylaxis on Board Vessels.- I quote from the communication of country in which yellow fever is prevalent.

Olives were first inserted and a support arranged between them. Diseases about it, but none would ever pay attention to I ask the patients to repeat those injections frequently every hour in the beginning, if they can conveniently do so. On opening the peritoneal cavity I found the intestines deeply congested, dotted with numerous small patches of adherent lymph, and bathed in a quantity of seropurulent fluid. The physician seldom arrived before the woman was in labor, and the surroundings were not such as to enable him to give a vaginal douche without liability of defeating the purpose for which it was intended, disinfection and asepsis. In the present edition much has been re-written and new material has been added where advancing knowledge required it.