It is worthy of note that this differentiation is not found to exist in the cercaria of From these glands ducts pass forwards one from I'ach gland along either side of the middle line to enter the oral sucker and open at the anterior end. Suppose that we knew nothing about the yeast plant save its morphology, the size and method of development of the cells, we would know but little. After two weeks the medicine was omitted for one day and the fits returned. The dyspnea was more exaggerated and on expiration there was grunting. Much interesting discussion ensued during the progress of the case among the hospital staff as to the influence of the X-ray in the possible production of the hypostatic pneumonia.

One need not attend many trials where experts appear, to discover what a hurricane in the winnowing of a few grains of truth.

Consigned to the grave" within a decade," but who have since been rising on all occasions to trouble him? colder the water, the greater is the capacity to contain these gases.

The animal sufTered from retention of urine. I could not believe that in the profession my hair had grown gray, and my beard grizzled. Ustilago successfully in several cases of menorrhagia and in one case of abortion where the flowing had lasted for several once and the haemorrhage arrested in six hours.

The term"gastric fever" used for the symptoms and the disease mentioned could possibly be called by to get your xxx pen at work in either proving or disproving my views, for the benefit of the profession.

The gall bladder seemed normal in size, but a little thickened. Work will be required, perhaps surgery may be called in. A Semi-Monthly Review of the Progress Contributions of various descriptions are invited. And fierce carousal o'er the conquer'd bear.

One fa tor always present is blockage of the eustachk sr tube, but this alone is not enough to produce flui There must also be an inflammatory reaction.


Now the man himself realizes at once that he ought to do these things: if not why should he suppose that the doctor would so advise him? The physician has no desire to control a man's habits, to regulate narrowly his life and to place restrictions upon him. A disease prevailed among the cats some weeks before the yellow fever appeared in the city.

In the meantime the temperature, strength, and ability to appropriate nourish ment, will give the index of the proper constitutional treatment. Above the din and roar of battle his clarion voice was heard giving commands, but finally, it was hushed. Par Blin (Emmery-Edouard-Eugkne), Docteur en It is, perhaps, one of the most significant signs of great activity of medical thought, and especially in medical writing, that we begin to have not mere essays, but whole treatises on the most specialized subjects, and even upon their various aspects. Moreover, they justify the assumption that, in the tuberculin skin reactions, the antigen is not necessarily a protein substance, but probably belongs in the category of the so called proteoses or perhaps polypeptides. Whose snake-like eyes with venom glow, When bends his brent brow on the foe." Sad was the tale, that day of pain, That such a chief had join'd the slain; His kindred's bosoms felt the shock; It struck me like a mighty rock: So fortune strikes the soul elate How grand a chieftain have we lost I A sun was he in winter's frost, Yet still when fiercest heats invade, To all his tribe a cooling shade.

The so-called germ-layers govern the pathological changes; each of the three layers of the embryo his its specific morbid anatomy, and, with certain limitations, we may say that a disease proper to one germ-layer does not trespass upon the tissues belonging to the others. We see in mg fact in tlie intestine under consideration merely the results of a prolonged and intense chronic inflammation. The one receiving desiccated thyroid, the other crystalline thyroxin, showed any gross lesion excepting atrophy in the case of those animals which rapidly emaciated while receiving thyroxin. After the surgeon has determined, will, in all probability, improve health, or conserve life, it is as vitally essential as- it is patent to all, that a careful and painstaking physical examination of the patient should be made. One course in practice of Medicine and practice of Surgery should be sufficient. In the latter class of cases reamputation is frequently necessary, and when the condyles are left it can be done so as to provide the longest possible thigh stump. Regular courses of lectures are given on Natural History and Comparative Anatomy, on Hygiene and Sanitary Science, on Diseases of Children, on the Skin, and on Syphilography.