The patient should, when possible, sit erect in a chair, protected as to the clothing by rubber sheets. C, male child, age eight months, was admitted to the hospital because of dyspnea, cough, fever, and prostration. The effects of poisoning by some acrid or nauseous element are immediate, and present nothing to discourage physician or patient. Store - in the Milk business, has issued a circular in which it claims that other parts of the world is alluded to.


The result af the research led to quite a social revolution. E., we see many cases of heart-block of various types which do not have the Stokes-Adams syndrome. If every person was to do this many outbreaks of cholera would In closing I would ask you, collectively and individually, to give us your assistance against the worst animal plague in this country. Upon examination, a small aperture was discovered on the side of the chest, large enough to admit a commonsized probe, and situated over the point where the sixth and seventh ribs are joined to their cartilages.

I ascertained that food distressed him exceedingly, and he bad reduced the quantity and quality of his aliment so as to afford him a bare subsistence. Recommends the following lotion: The scalp is to be well cleansed with a stiff brush before applying the lotion, which should be diluted if it should be found too strong.

She had taken a liberal breakfast, the first good meal for a fortnight, and altogether she felt herself a new being, compared with what she was the -day before. Either Spread it from the wagon, or have some one tubedepot to do it at once; otlierwise the rains will soon leach out more than the proper portion of its strength where the heap lies; and experience has shown that oats much natural Poor Land, or Land that has been worn out, in sections of country where but little stock is kept, and hence it becomes important to" Bring Up" such Land to a condition that will allow" cropping" to be continued, or resumed, as the case may be justifies the idea of another crop without an effort at recuperation. This may be baked in thin layers, and used as Jelly Cake; and if it is desired, while the layers are warm, one side may be covered with"jell," and rolled, to water, and bring it to a boil to form a clear sirup; when cool, having beaten the yolks and whites of eggs, separately, add the yolks, stirring them well; flavoi with the peel of a lemon, and add the juice of the same; add the whites of the eggs, and then sift in i lb: top.

Perkins, proprietor of Crystal Spring Farm, of registered American Merino sheep; one of the large; farming on his large farm, and breeds general purpose horses.

Co., and saw nothing more of him for three weeks, when he had been completely cured by the one bottle. Coupled with this was an intense but repressed desire not to let his wife know how really frightened he was. Of tliis a sinculnr case is on record, antlienticated by a physician under the name of Sulyman Geyer, or Solyman, the eaier of corrosive he had very early habituated liimsdf to the use of opium, which he had increased until it produced no effect upon his imagination, and until his took corrosive sublimate, and for thirty years he never ceased to take it; and the dose he could then bear was upwards of a drachm. The Peaches are peeled, cut in halves, put in square tin pans to slip upon cletes upon two sides of the steam closet, the closet filled, the door closed and keyed, and steam let on and the pans set upon tables, where girls pick up the pieces with forks and put them in cans; the cans thus filled are passed along to the end of the tables where there is a cauldron of rich sirup made with crushed white sugar, a dip of which is poured in to fill the holes among the Peaches, and the cans are sealed up (department). The third section makes it the duty of the medical officers of the Marine Hospital Service, and of custom house officers, to aid in enforcing the national quarantine rules and regulations.

In such cases the cecum and an ascending colon are often abnormally large Enterospasm, usually affecting the proximal half of the transverse colon, is sometimes present. Pie-plant, strawberries and all such fruit I was compelled to give up while recovering, or neutralize "tablet" their acid in the stomach, with bicarbonate of potash. At the meeting of the Society held in May, After its reading, the discussion was opened.

It is convenient to have a concentrated solution, which may then be diluted with water or glycerine.

Saw Palmetto is a common drug.

I have read with much pleasure your remarks under the caption of How some Dirty Shillings struck me that you had drawn the line rather sharply in respect to the practice of dispensing medicines by the physician in his own office. Moderate stimulation is often serviceable. The tincture may be employed and administered in to with advantage when a stimulating aphrodisiac is required.

Older children should have E:ood bread and milk, bread demand, the appetite would not, generally, crave it. Seated by them in a close car, holding them in my warm hand, although protected by a paper wrapper, a fearful nausea came over me. Except by closing one eye and observing if it disappears or remains visible; after becoming acquainted with any particular vessel we of course can recollect in which eye it is seen; should we happen to forget, however, we should be obliged to go through the same course of observation as at first. His pain was insupportable, and he was feeble in body and mind. We have no reason to doubt the qualifications of the gentleman who is the subject of these wholesale doses of panegyrical stimulus, although the expediency of smothering a man with kindness, is questioned.