The haematocele, under favorable circumstances, is gradually absorbed, although more or less prolonged discomfort may result from the associated chronic pelvic adhesions, obliterated tubes, and dislocated organs. In the remaining tests, the highest ratios are in the cases of cirrhosis. As to tinnitus, deafness, and retracted membrana tympani, sufficient attention has not as yet been given to these conditions to warrant decisive statements.

The next morning the doctor saw him in bed with normal pulse and temperature; no abdominal tenderness; the bowels had moved twice normally since the advent of the pain. Treatment: Bleeding and saline transfusion should be tried at once. Recovery was smooth and reasonably rapid. It makes the bead the scapegoat for the sins of the heart. The following Table gives the monthly details of this catas Upon a voyage no longer than from Tynemouth to Londoi The loss in individual Transports was much greater thj the six days the sick were on board, there died no fewer ths for Voyage, unfit for sick as regards their Sanitary state, or sick wei shipped in a condition utterly unfit for such a voyage. The term is applied, too, to a medicine which syrup acts on some particular organ more than others. Price - but whether it reports more correctly the state of the general health than other parts of the buccal cavity is somewhat questionable.

In forty-six per cent, of the cases the first symptom was a chill, fourteen per cent, began with pain in the chest, side or back, cases the site of the lesion was determined. This evidence and the fact that the initial outbreak occurred during the height of the fly season and that the epidemic began to wane immediately after the fly season ended, and kept continually dropping off as they disappeared, and the particular manner in which the disease spread from organization to organization lends countenance to the possibility that they were a channel of infection. The involuntary muscles of the bladder wall are aided, if necessary, by the voluntary stimulation, contraction, and fixation of the muscles of the abdominal parietes and the diaphragm, after closure of the. The method of direct pressure on the fundus was dangerous on account of the soft friable condition of the organ, and was done with a very due regard to possible consequences and not long persevered with.

His mother was paralysed, but the rest of his family, so far as he knew, had not suffered from any disease of the nervous system. It is of the first importance to obtain sufficient space in the buccal cavity for the introduction of the mirror and the mode of doing this and of overcoming the various difficulties which the tongue, tonsils, irritability of the patient, etc., throw in the way, occupies a large part of the work before us. It may be for the athlete or other youth busily engaged upon some special work, but that it is not so for the average wage earner is amply proved by the existence of a tenderloin in every town of importance and by what is known to the initiated of life in many a village.

The sympathetic nerve is known to arise from the spinal cord; modem micrographcrs believe it to be derived from a distinct order of cells; and physiology fuUy confirms these anatomical data, for the cervical branch of this nerve is completely paralyzed by the division of the anterior roots of the seventh and eighth spinal pairs.


The ox, on tho other hand, rises first on his hind-legs, then remains a short timo upon his knees, until his hindlegs are straightened, immediately after acquiring SKCrioN IV NATIIIIAI, ClIAllACTEHISTtCS Of TIIF. The resistance of the red cells to hypotonic salt solution in some animals is greater than in others, and this must play some factor in altering the course of anemia. The juice of unripe OMPHA'LEA (tuspel). Virchow, in his" Cellular Pathology," makes that some parts separate from the minute elements contained in the follicles, viz., the cells of the parenchyma, and afterwards mix"with the blood as colourless blood or lymphglobules.

Limbs, surplus calves, and wool. An equipment consisting of a trephine, a hammer, a few sharp chisels, and a rongeur forceps were all that was needed for skull surgery.