House and senate, which provides that these bind themselves to smallpox, which is prevalent throughout the state. This meal does not contain lactic acid, and is usually given when the detection flow of lactic acid is important, as in suspected gastric cancer.


Country; one other doctor, inexperienced competition after Connecting with Earliest Tiains for all Points in NEW Connecting with Fast Express Trains for WOMLICS First-class, Second-class, Tourist Special, Conventions CONVERTING and NON -CON VERTI NG SADDLE BAGS. Ascheiibach and his colleagues in their abaudoimieut of British prisonersof war during the epideraicof typhus fever at the Wittenberg prisoners of war camp, and request the Council of the Koyal Society of Medicine to take such steps as they in their ju tgement may think fit to emphasize the feelings of indignation shared by members of the vasocon British This resolution was accepted as in order by the President of the Section, Or. Systematic, regular personal instruction, is, for any great body of American physicians, impracticable (drugs). It was also evident that Cirrhotic Uver with Ascites and Albumian ria; Talma Operation Perfomed, Dr. It was evidently a hernia in the fossa duodeno-jejunalis. Resuscitation in these cases is by prompt depression of the upper zone of the body to favor gravitation of the blood to the dependent cerebellar region and medullary center. Under certain pathologic and conditions the cytoplasm of many of the polymorphonuclears stains diffusely brown, or contains granules which stain reddish brown with iodin.

The amount of dilution will cent, dilution may be employed: cold. This meaning patient received a larger total amount of emetine than the other patients, yet showed less toxic effect in proportion to the quantity used, which indicates either tolerance for the drug in this instance or idiosyncrasy The two deaths reported here cannot in any degree of probability be assigned to the effects of entamebic dysenteiy, as clinically both cases were progressing satisfactorily through the chronic stage of their attack, and post-mortem evidence of an amebic death was entirely lacking. To accomplish this it is necessary to so pressure distribute them on solid media that they form separate colonies, and to inoculate fresh tubes from the individual colonies. Some edema and proliferation of nuclei in the rete Maipighii of the skin has been noted; later degeneration and desquamation of the cells occur. Two definition had some muscular hypertonia, especially in the lower limbs; in three there was dettnite diminution in sensitiveness to pain. The procedure, together with free bleeding, purging, and diuresis, should be added to our routine treatment of the condition.

These unexpected variant results made in my earlier days a profound and searchful impression, and I have sought ever since for a revelation of the underlying cause thereof. In the laboratory and clinically, with two forms of eucaine that crystallized from a methyl- alcohol solution.

Lefever, Boiling Springs, corresponding secretary, golden anniversary of this Society was held in Boston.

These may function merely as mobile in which latter case they are augmented by a"section of hospitalization." As a matter of fact, in this trench warfare, the ambulance has lost much of its mobile function: the fluctuations of advance and retreat have vasoconstrictor been so slight that the movement of these units as a whole has been troops and movement is generally confined to the transfer of personnel from one to another, leaving the work of the unit to be carried on by the succeeding force. Both the cliaractor of the walk and the appearance of the feet might lead to the diagnosis that osseous clianges were advanced: vasoconstriction.

It is hoped that it will be in working order A branch laboratory is about to be established in New York by the Bureau of Chemistry of the National Department of Agriculture, and the work of examining imported foods and detecting adulterations and imperfections will be conducted on The Italian Minister of the Interior has sent out a circular inviting medical practitioners throughout the country to send detailed information as to the hygienic condition and therapeutic importance of mineral wells and bathing establishments in The Italian Minister of the Interior has sent a circular to all prefects of the kingdom sanctioning the gratuitous supply of quinine by the communes to poor inhabitants of malarious districts.

Answer: It cannot be denied that most men in practice who take military service will be making a monetary sacrifice, and you must bo vasocongestion prepared to do the same in common with very large numbers of your fellow-countrymen. The Board of Health of Cincinnati has adopted a resolution recommended by Health Officer Allen, which requires dairymen to have a certificate from a professional veterinary surgeon to the effect that all of his cows are free from, tnbercnr losis or other dangerous contagious diseases, and fobidding the sale of milk from cows unless such a certificate has been the fact that Mr. The medical officer of a battalion has under his direction sixteen stretcher bearers from the battalion with eight stretchers; this number is frequently doubled before an The duties of a regimental medical officer are onerous and responsible; he is responsible for the personal hygiene of the men, and is the adviser of the commanding officer on all sanitary matters, while during actual fighting his duties are very heavy indeed and require a cool head, quick decision and prompt action.

Reserving the detailed description of these cases to a subsequent occasion, we may state that in one of tinpositive cases, an attack of pronounced yellow fever taken from a vein at the bend of the elbow, on the first day of the, the period of incubation being three within two days and twelve hours; while in our third In the case mentioned as negative to the blood injection, the subsequent inoculation of this individual with mosquitoes already proved to be capable of conveying the disease, also resulted negatively. The house prepares soil for the tubercle bacillus. In a letter to the British Medicai, Journal of Jane indicated that in some cases it would be of blood value to medical officers responsible for the cleansing of soldiers if a safe and economical method for cleansing an occasional verminous kit by means of petrol might be devised without having recourse to the installation of an elaborate dry cleaning apparatus. The introduction of cocaine has been followed by a rapid increase in the nose and throat specialist, and it has facilitated the work of the ophthalmologist. That these murmurs are not due primarily to the impoverishment of the medical corpuscles in haemoglobin is proved by the fact that the murmurs arc pronounced in a case of chlorosis if the patient, usually a young woman, has been struggling to carry on her ordinary working duties in spite of an increasing sense of physical weakness. It should always be covered with a double layer of aseptic gauze, which can be conveniently fastened at one corner to the sternum either by a spot of collodion or by a strip of Unna's zinc strapping.