The inflammation of the throat must be very closely watched as soon as great difficulty in swallowing manifests itself, and the redness in the throat has greatly extended.


The tendency which he describes is a good one, and its results are beneficial. For example, no marriage should take place between persons having the same hereditary tendency to disease, a prohibition which is especially important in contemplated marriages between relatives.

Artorius, for instance, was called the friend of Augustus; Asclapo was the f rietid of Cicero; Asclepiades was the friend of Crassus, the orator, and so on. I believe it may have been due to the change brought about in the direction of the axis of the colon and to the fact that it A CASE OF DOUBLE POPLITEAL BURSITIS, ONE BURSA CONTAINING MOVABLE CARTILAGES. If the patient is strongly myopic it is clear that the focus is already in front of the retina and it may be necessary to use minus lenses to bring the vision up to may be visible.

From the sudden arrest of size, the friends of tlie woman were incredulous as to the existence of pregnancy. Only in the gall-bladder was a true muscle coat to be seen; here the muscle bundles crossed in all directions; still those running longitudinally and transversely predominated.

We feel that we may take just pride in the number and value of the published contributions to medical knowledge by nieni btTS of the staff of the School and llosjiital, ami, iiuleetl, it is a sign of great promise that several of our students have already conducted noteworthy investigations, leading in some In a school with such standards for preliminary training and with such opportunities and methods of study, it is selfevident that the standard of attainment should also be kept high, so that the bestowal of its diploma may be a real distinction to such as attain it. A course of nine lectures, one for each month of the school year, has been outlined, and nine physicians have been selected to make these talks. It is not surprising to find that they still testify to its comparatively harmless to determine by experiments on animals the comparative danger to life of coal and water gas. Treatment: The surgical treatment is the same as for Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat.) Tuberculosis of the eye. He made a great many the Royal Society, and such essays as" On the Effects of Strangulation,""On the Mode of Death from Drowning,"" On the Mode in which Death is Produced by a Lightning Stroke," the Hunterian Oration Quackery," on the" Use and Abuse of Tobacco,"" On the Establishment of Special Hospitals," etc., etc.

When Dixon, the lightweight pugilist, died last year the writer communicated with the physician in attendance for the purpose of finding out the real cause of death. The second case was in a very feeble man, in the neck of whose bladder he was obliged to leave a fragment of stone until about two weeks after the operation. Blood by hemorrhage, some cats were bled twice at an interval of twenty-four hours. Three months and twelve days ago, a segment about three centimeters long of jugular vein preserved in cold storage was transplanted on the descending aorta of a small dog: 10mg. A second series of injections was made over the thigh in order to ascertain whether or not enlargement of the inguinal lymphatic glands would follow. In voiding urine, so long as the stream in front of tiie isthmus finds a smooth and capacious channel and free vent at the meatus, all goes with the otherwise unhindered portion by throwing the whole stream into confusion, and thus only a small jet may escape through a stricture of considerable calibre. The writer has treated the subject in a systematic manner, and his style is clear and for the most part concise. He may be said to have been the father of medical education in America, for while abroad he elaborated a plan for the institution of medical colleges in the Colonies, and lie sustained his views in an elegant and scholarly discourse on the subject at the Commencement of the Collece of his efforts, aided by Shippen aud others, that the college was induced to establish a medical department. Ore should never be led away by the glowing accounts of brilliant cures from a few applications of some lauded agent. We learn from Pliny that at the beginning of the imperial reign such eminent physicians as Albutius, Arruntius, learn from Pliny that Quintus Stertinius, the favorite of the Emperor Claudius, was content with the honor of serving the annum, though his fame was such that he might have made brother, who received the same annual income from Claudius, left between them at their death, notwithstanding large sums they had spent in beautifying the city of Naples, the sum of Among the outward and visible manifestations of gratitude accounts, effected a radical cure of an obstinate cutaneous affection. The first public meeting was held in January, and veilside an audience of several hundred men and women listened to addresses by Dr. These cases should be viewed from a preventive standpoint. He confessed that he was skeptical as to the existence of these retlexes. Although the tendency of the book is to show the subconscious presence, in normal conditions, of mental phenomena which are usually thought of as peculiar to abnormal states. He had observed that a large percentage of irregular attendance was due to l)hysical weakness. Velsaid - accordingly they came to the conclusion that the reaction was due to the presence of certain substances in the urine resulting from derangement in the function of the pancreas, whether induced by disease of this viscus or more remote disturbance. If dilute aqueous solutions of electrolytes contain only ions, and no molecules, then it is clear that all the properties of such solutions must be the properties of ions, and notof molecules, since there are no molecules present.