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Viscodril - sECTION ON RADIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY SECTION ON PEDIATRICS AND ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY (Co-sponsored by Florida Radiological Society and Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville. Distressing basilar-type headaches with pain and stiffness of the cervical part of the spinal column are not uncommon. With public recognition of the importance of the problem, and with public support, scientific study and research will be mobilized in increasing measure to find the facts and discover the secrets of aging. When the compression of the lung has been but of short duration, inflammatory changes take place in the peri-bronchitic connective tissue, followed by degenerative changes in the parenchyma, and later sclerosis of the lung. The challenge of responding gracefully with compassion to the patient with terminal ovarian cancer who has failed her third round of chemotherapy and knows there is no other treatment; the patient who has just been told they have an inoperable Klatskins tumor; the Korean child with leukemia who speaks no English when you walk in the room every morning and say, feeling?) These patient situations are similar to the challenge issued to each of you in your reading The Spirit Catches You and You Fad Down and must be handled gracefully and compassionately.