Published an edict that no one should practise medicine in the Kingdom of Naples, until he had been examined by the faculty of Salerno. Its publishers could not afford to resort to deception in advertising their producli through this, or any other tnrdium.

In the matter it was found that death occurred as follows: One. The Hale County Medical Society elected the following COUNTY ttOCIVriBS, BBCIOBTABT AND DATB OV MBaTIMQ. That Sir James may live long to enjoy the many honors he has won is, we feel assured, the earnest wish of his numerous friends in all It was generally remarked by those in attendance at the last College Convocation, that the conduct of the students was very objectionable. This blocks the nerve, spariiif; the nerve ccnter.s the strain from perception of the pain, while the anesthetics employed are in sucli weak colntions that they are free from toxic action and do not modify tlie ftmctioning of the emiinctories. Organizational memberships include the McCracken County Medical Society; KMA, where he currently serves as Vice President and Alternate Delegate to the AMA; KEMPAC, where he has served as Chairman of the Board; Alternate Delegate from Kentucky to the American Medical Association; the Kentucky Surgical Society; and the Southeastern Surgical Society.

Wc might, therefore, state here that the treatment is seldom a permanent cure but rather a good palliative measure, requiring attention about once a month and superseding douches. If, after giving seven or eight injections of the vaccine, no improvement was noticed, the stock vaccine should be discontinued and an autogenous one employed. Will be considered permanent gilts to the museum, and screening of gifts will be scheduled in your home or office at your convenience.

Before closing I must draw your attention to the fact that though the disease is dreaded to such an extent, and though the popular idea of it is so repugnant and depressing, many victims of tabes live longer and suffer less than many others afflicted with diseases which, though they do not seem to be so repugnant, are really more Even in this dread disease let us then surround our patients for as long a time as possible with as large a measure of hope as we may find consistent with our views.

Neurological Iiislitiile, for inteuxiTe training in To hit hunt add ibc luactitc list oil account of being physically diiqoalified for active arrvicc, from Camp Dodn twut.

Freeds; The Hopkins County Medical Society met in Sulphur The Lamar County Medical Society and the Fannin County Medical Society held a joint meeting at Paris, an interesting talk about the work of the State Medical Examining Board. The remaining portion of the large intestine was not without interest There were several points of cicatrices of ulcers which were sufficient to lead one to infer that an ulcer had also been present of this ulceration perforation had probably taken place at some period in the past, and the sub-diaphragmatic abscess developed.

Lidell mentions another case in which the acute abscess formed side consecutive to a quinsy. The patient's attention was at no time directed to the cardiac region, by palpitation, pain,' or any particular uneasiness in the part. Since the publication of his article, specialists and general practitioners have, with the aid of highly magnifying leflectors, seen hypertrophied turbinated bones n many an asthmatic patient, which there was a great temptation to red ice, either with some ingenious instrument, with the galvanic cautery, or with effects a powerful escharotin.

He therefore concluded that there might be various forms of stammering, not all of them explainable by one cause. The fat is in slightly higher per cent and contains more volatile acids. The cavity was then bone grafted, and union took place. Fox it has no doubt been a great success.

The shifting bacterial pattern has not lessened the advantages and effectiveness of open thoracotomy and decortication.


The most important is that the ethmoid labyrinth is one of the most variable structures in the body. The importance of syphilis, the need of a positive method of diagnosis and the fact that there has been some doubt as to the value of the test have all conspired to make this subject one of intense interest to some of the brightest minds in the medical world today.

It has been known for many years that the concentrating power of the kidney is one of the first things that suffer. Statistics from all over the world agree with those of the St. The acid and alkaline injections which were first used were extremely painful.