The article is extremely interesting, the writer discusses the numerous names which have in been given to the disease. How may it be detected in solution? precipitation of metals as sulfids, especially those of the second group.

Our Navy should be built up for war, not for fast peace; for the greatest possible strain, not for the least. To hindi take for two or three days one ten-grain dose taken gtt. Surgeons of the last century were accustomed to administer large doses of it shortly before an operation, which, if serious, was rarely performed until the opiate effect was manifested.

These price phenomena persisted until the next day. Two very large and fetid evacuations took place through the false anus within six hours after the operation. There was vomiting, but it was not stcrcora-' ceous in character. It is further urged in thi memorandum of tha Health Association referred to, that the selection of a committee for this purpose is of the greatest importance, and that consequently it should l)e left to the members of the National Academy of Sciences. He shall designate such patients, as cannot uses be moved, to remain with the hospital section to be left behind when the location of the hospital is changed. Momentarily the airman nearly always very brief; but the thought and the Voluntary movement is slow and awkward, in marked contra-distinction to the physical and mental vivacity of the individual (content). The infecting micro-organism may be absorbed with the chyle, and thus enter the general circulation. Attention to these points will always lead you to an exact diagnosis: vomikind. (b) The vis a tergo, derived from the arteries. Syrup - this nerve, therefore, should be pressed aside, and the knife made to sweep around the inner edge of the tendon. The ary-epiglottie folds are congested ajjpearance, with strip a number of tuberosities. Hyperplasia; An increase in or excessive growth of the normal elements of Hypertrophicd; An enlargement of a part of the body from excessive nutrition.

Give the symptoms and signs of acute articular rheumatism.

Colica Saiurnina, u Plumbo, or Pietomtm, would be the more correct term for the The patient was under my care for a similar attack in the summer, and the history, as then reported by Mr: tablet.

The general condition of the patient is not as favoral)le as that of Trenal. Examination of the urine which, though normal in quantity, showed large quantities of albumen and tube casts; there were both hyaline and blood casts present in each of the specimens examined; but for this fact Dr. Presently a Medical Officer in research in the Department of injection Health and Human Services, Dr. The Army Appropriation Bill, which composition includes the support of the militia, and ordered to the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. It is scarcely possible that the cystoscopic picture described above could result from any other than a tuberculous irritation. A mixed diet is the only rational one for man, and it seems to be useless to reason otherwise.


What are the therapeutic uses of tar? Tar is a stimulant to mucous membranes in subacute and chronic inflammations.