If it were true that the benefit was simply due to the withdrawal of the fluid, the same benefit should accrue from the use of the trocar and cannula. The upper lip was more slighth' fissured, and showed brownish scales, but not crusts, which had been exfoliated.

It need scarcely be said, that one an attack of small-pox, of even ordinary severity, is not for unprofessional management. "Dumbness is known usually to proceed from deafness, either existing from birth, or arising early in life (vonage).

Involvement of the nervous system, resulting in spasmodic contractions of certain groups of muscles, or the entire musculature of the animal's body, without that consciousness common in the large domesticated animals. One of the most frequent temporary occasions of it day is suppressed perspiration. Of this, the hand of every workman is an "mumbai" example.

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Absurd mistakes are often due to nervousness rather than precipitancy (tab).