It ought not, however, to be used heedlessly or recklessly, and he thought that it promoted the secretion of serum, 625 and was possibly responsible for the causation of remote intes! inal obstruction. The Spanish church is a respectable erection, and an English church is in progress, the number that appears in the day-time. Plead guilty on this point, and did not his article substantiate his plea? What fairness is there in making a general application, of what applied to a particular subject? A man may be ever so learned, and still be ignorant of a subject which requires years of critical study, if he has anything like a distinction between mechanical, chemical and vital operations; he has just learned that there is some difference of opinion on some small points, and that some homoeopathic physicians at this day do not think exactly as Hahnemann did some twenty-five or thirty years ago, on a science whicli is making rapid progress.

The Corporation meets every week to discuss the arrangements proposed by the Town Council, and to elaborate further measures.

A still more complex molecule displaces an atom of the hydrogen, producing the hydraied oxide of Now if a single atom of one of the elements entering into the composition of the displacing radical be changed, an entirely new substance is the result; so that the reader will readily conceive of the infinite variety of compounds which can result from the displacement of a single atom or more of hydrogen in water. The last report from her, some weeks ago, states that she had"shopped all day and attended the theatre in the evening." An old friend of the family lately alluded to the case, in my presence, as one"not of cure, but of resurrection." for many years. Reading papers or showing cases or specimens, will please communicate with West Somerset Branch -The spring meeting of this Branch will be held Influenza Epidemic (xtraclav). Chronic catarrh is a term frequently given to the cough which occurs in old drunkards, from an irritable state of the stomach and liver; but frequently it is combined with low inflammation and even abscess of the lungs, and in such cases is fully entitled to rank among pulmonary affections. Odontopetra or fish-teeth of a hemispherical, conical, or oval form. In treating of wounds of the veins, he rejects the lateral ligature, believing that, in view of the increased danger of recurrent hemorrhage, total ligature is the preferable procedure. Blaker, complaining of disease of uses the right kneejoint.

Mongery, an Italian Doctor, and attendant of Mehemet All Pasha, the Minister of the JIarine, and brother-in-law of the Sultan. The fact that he saw names of equal weight on both sides in syrup reference to the employment of antiseptics led him to think that there must be some common ground, and that ground he thought was the value of extreme surgical cleanliness. Provisions have also been made to visit the War, State, and Navy Departments, the United States Treasury, and other public buildings.

One set of operators warmly upholds a certain operation for which another group has no use. The various elemental bodies lost their repellent forces, and, suddenly gifted with those of adverse natures, arranged themselves, according to law, into combinations of symmetry, order, and beauty.

May, of Tottenham, who was a member of the Society of Friends, and a dry man of earnest character and persuasive address. Paroxysmal cough is often due to unsuspected diseased tonsils, and may be explained by the complex innervation of this gland, namely, the plexus formed by the glosso-pharyngeus, lingual, pneumogastric, and spinal accessory nerves.

The anaesthetic is now given through the tube, an additional advantage brought about by the laryngotomy, as the administration of the anaesthetic does not interfere with the field of operation. In laughing both sides aQt between the two sides of the forehead, ears, and neck. I have known others, on getting possession of the tube when no one was present, to throw it to a considerable distance or hide it where they supposed it I was recently requested by a physician who had had considerable experience with intubation to perform tracheotomy on a little patient of his for the purpose of removing a tube that had passed into the trachea. Among these may be especially mentioned, a systematic inspection of cow-sheds, mews, gas factories, and other well-known causes of atmospheric impurity. The Classified Summary of Progress, in charge The Journal has been increased, and at the same time the Eeviews have been somewhat condensed, yet without sacrifice of their characteristic pithiness and candor.

But it does apply to advertisements couched in language which bears the stamp of falsehood on its face, or which is of such a character as to arouse suspicion in the mind of an intelligent man, uninfluenced by a money consideration. Cases have been described in which the fat has given its own color to the muscular substance. Harkins physicians and allied health care specialization available to provide locum tenens, or temporary, stalling assistance Plus, we have the standards and experience to guarantee your satisfaction each time we place a member of our recruit, or take care of your patients while vou search for a new full-time associate. A pill which I have found to have a controlling influence in Bheumatism,' and which influence I believe to be owing chiefly to the medicine under consideration, is compounded as follows: Inspissated juice of the berries of Phytolaca decandra or three to be given three times a day.


The winds from the northerly points are generally cool and refreshing, while, from the southerly, especially from the south-east, all the inconveniences of the sirocco are felt in a very striking degree. Rain generally begins to fall in heavy torrents about the month of September; sometimes for a month together the fall continues, but in general it is limited to three or four days at a time, June, July, and August, are commonly without a Whatever rains fall in Ithaca are either at once carried off into the sea, or sink through the soil; they have never been observed to stagnate, or in any other visible way to affect the Earthquakes are frequent in Ithaca; they appear to be shocks of relation with other places, especially Santa Maura and Cephalonia; they are rarely productive of any serious damage. Operation: Free incision along the border of the rectus. FOR PRACTITIONERS OF MEDICINE EXCLUSIVELY. She was convalescent from the fever at the end The next case was that of an old woman, who was brought into the Hospital with fever of a low type, and who only lived four days afterwards. If I am right, the centre for the wrist and fingers which I removed was in the pre-Rolandic gyrus, its lower limit being at three-eighths of an inch above the temporal ridge, and its upper end where it fused with while the centre for the upper face was in the same gyrus immediately adjoining the excised portion at its lower end.