The bag is made of muslin, the lower part of which is lined with wood wool, impregnated with corrosive sublimate. Many persons will take them by contagion in whom other causes' would have proved abortive. Visiting foreign countries tend to make us better pleased with our own, and feel, at least, that we are equal to the best. Pain and fever subsided, appetite improved, bowels acting well. In opening the subject denarau of the" Evolution of (Medicine and Surgery," Mr. Two day's later the conjunctivitis was heating rapidily, all chemoaU and swelling of the conjunctiva and eyelids disappeared and the ulcer in progress of cure. While the pleximeter is on the chest and in position, keep the other fingers of the same hand away from the chest, in order that they may not carry off some of the percussion sound that is intended for the ear. McGnin adviwe tiie nse of price ether.

Dalziel of Glasgow spoke in favour of nailing the fragments, as Br. Some inflammation ensued, and a few drops of pus formed, which escaped through a small opening in of left leg, and opposite line of lower third with middle of right leg. These upright pieces slide on each other by means of a thumb screw, thus enabling one to make the cannula any size.


He exelainiod,'I am killed! Remember me to my wife!' and was falling, liut Captain Berry, who stood near, caught him in his arms. The subsequent hiatonr of the case was as follows. For, first, student.s begin the study of surgery alrcadj' in the second year of their curriculum; secondly, repeated courses of surgery are required for systematic and a clinical, within tlie University, oneot which any of these teachers may justly aspire to till -chairs which have been filled up fiveand four times respectively within this century, and almost invariably by men who had been extramural lecturers on surgery. This extended backwarda iato the loin, upwards underneath the costal arch, and downwarda nearly to the level of the anterior superior iliac awelllag, and over the outer part of it there waa absolute dnlneas; fluctuation could be made oat from front to back. Now there is a large, fluctuating tumor, pitting under pressure, sensitive to tbe touch, with the skin tense and shining over liver. After entering the hospital they are forced to wear these light muslin gowns split open in the back.

Sometimes that is due to the nature of the system itself, and is therefore unavoidable.

Nor should this teaching be limited to the elementary schools.

This is a detedl of much importance, (loos' to (he rapid healing of the fistnia, but ia neceaMiy at first for the avoidance of risk of general peritonitis fhw the parage of retained fDsees into the peritoneal canty, im later for the prevention of fsecal abscess, with its poedw bowels have acted for the first time after the operatloo, w it is safer that it should not be removed before the tecoss'.itself, and' tiie tabe.raoif be safely, dispenaecl' with.

A major earthquake could cause thousands of deaths and serious injuries. Warm baths sometimes proved a great blessing, except in the neuritic cases, if given without moving the patient too much. In"order to assist m cleaning up the larynx and bronchi of infective material contained in their secretions." the author cases these inhalations may be preceded to advantage, for a few times, by carbolic acid sprays.

That is why you can expect prompt personal service and top notch efficiency. "Scientific research, or research in the natural sciences and industries, might be defined as the pioneer work of the developed country. Great emphasis was laid upon the necessity of absolute rest and quiet.

I nMsier took twenty grains of antipyrin, bnt never seemed to pit any benefit therefrom: definition. It is not always convenient, however, to carry a bottle in the pocket, so I am at times in the habit of prescribing powders composed of from twenty to forty grains of red cinchona bark, half a grain of capsicum, and three grains of powdered nux vomica, to be taken with a glass of Any remedy that offers any sort of success, even in a limited number of cases of epilepsy, is more than welcome.