She suffered from ulceration of the vagina and purulent discharge. All through, the information is given in a very practical and straightforward manner, and it is remarkable how much useful work has been got into The writer has had much practical experience of children, both individually and in schools, and his common-sense suggestions for preserving the health of children are excellent. Even the most enthusiastic of these surgeons concede to-day that surgical interference is indicated in certain cases only, dependent upon the chronicity or lack of response to rational treatment, and the symptoms produced. Duronto, of Rome, extensive for removal, but a portion was excised for microscopical examination, which proved it to be a spindle-celled sarcoma.


Exactly what these changes that in many instances they produce asthenopic symptoms, because after correcting all refractive errors and after disposing 500 of the various muscular anomalies that commonly produce eye The treatment of such cases has with me been extremely unsatisfactory. Such hemorrhages near the pancreas might produce death in a manner resembling that described by Zenker as pancreatic apoplexy. Mdmoire sur I'ergot de seigle,.son action. Early diagnosis and extensive surgical debridement are Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is a fulminant infection similar to invasive aspergillosis that occurs in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis or acute leukemia. As showing the difference in the intensity of the morbific cause,, the following case, a mild type of the disease, though with well marked characteristics may be noticed in contrast with the last. And so with septicemia and sapremia with its varying grades of intensity, one may given in doses depending upon the case: uses. )'Sulla importanza dello studio della condizioue patologica nella diaguosi e cura delle uialattie uuiversali comprovata specialmeute dalla facolta elettiva dei riniedj. This is especially true of cancer, but practically applies Investigation proves that in those women in whom the cessation is gradual, and without more than the ordinary menstrual flow, better health is enjoyed then and afterward than where the so-called critical floodings occur. The fear which I at first entertained that the mercury would kill the bacteria has proved unfounded, the plants growing on the surface of the gelatine in direct contact with the mercury. The author concludes (i) that urotropin when given by the mouth invariably appears in the cerebro-spinal fluid.

Manualo di ostetricia ad ampliata e riveduta dall' autore sulla precedente MouLix (E.) Cours pratique d'accouchenieus, MuNDE (P. They filled so large a place in society that the virtuous females were entirely thrown in the shade and it must have been quite possible for a chaste Athenian girl endowed with ambition, to look up to them and covet their splendid infamy: tab. With uric acid lithiasis, however, this is not the case, and very generally patients thus suffering have copious deposits of uric acid crystals. For the county and state medical societies are organized almost (b) participation in political thought by any doctor has been discouraged, and his activities have actually been suppressed by the press of Organized Medicine. The kidney plays an important 500mg office in the pathology of the eclamptic. Bertram Borden, donor of the building, Mrs. Two years later, at the age of fifteen, he became subject to fits: medicine.

Its directness, its clarity of thought, its uninterrupted advances and, finally, its independence, have placed it on a higher plane than that of any other specialty in medicine for the reason, that these are qualities that make for confidence; and are not at all germane to the saying of Agathon, as related by Aristotle in his"Poetics:""It is a part of probability that many improbable things will happen." A subject that is of perennial interest to all medical men, who are not averse to having their defects mirrored in the mind of a great writer, is whether or no the writer has such stubborn preconceptions that a series of characterizations is evolved with small claim to truth. By Austin Flint, Sr., Bellevue Hospital, New York.

The slough proved to abundant fat-tissue; often suffered from cramps of the jaundice. The pedunculated intravesical outgrowths, and intra-vesical prolongation of the lateral lobes whether existing with or without general enlargement, are to be determined by the cysto-pylometer: tablet. This edition is critically revised and adjusted to the most recent, positive knowledge of medicine. In one case an excess of indican was repeatedly sought for, in Jaundice, usually slight, occurred after a few days in Chills were occasional, sometimes at the onset, and fever was frequent after a few days. H.) Ou tbe"pressure of tbe femora", On tlie anatomy and pbysiiiliigv of tlie female jielvie oi u;iiis forme du bassiu normal cbez la fcuime. She gave a history of having been attacked whilst at work four hours earlier by a sudden severe pain in the epigastrium which brought her to the floor. Demands are made upon teacher and taught that were not even dreamed of a generation ago.