Extra case not admitted to wards; died in surgery; no clinical notes. I have reached the period in life when I wish to retire, in part at least, from work.

' Tublic School lieform: a few Remarlcs and Suggestions on the which have appeared in the pubUe joiu-nals from the prolific pen them, and we 3gm are glad to see them thus reproduced. Under these circumstances, the blood pressure and respiration remain in excellent condition.

The scientific merit of a research proposal is assessed by an elaborate system of peer review which brings together, in a so-called They base their recommendation of the priority to be accorded a particular application on the competence of the investigator, the 500 scientific importance of his proposed project, the validity of his investigative approach, and the adequacy of the research resources, that is, equipment, clinical facilities, et cetera, available to him.

Now at the National Institute of Neurological Disease and tablet Stroke in Bethesda, Maryland, apparently for the relief of terminal cancer patients, and represents a more conservative approach to psychosurgery according to my initial inquiries.

And it leaves no indigestible, inassimilable, malefic, residue.

There was no history of previous vaginal or uterine disorder, patient suffering from acute intestinal obstruction.


Lectures This course is arranged for those who have already had an elementary course in chemistry. There is sure to be more than one candidate in the field, even if"Dr." Kahn does not count. Turn the end of the electrode very slowly to the side of the ulceration, and you cannot miss it. In some cases it seems wise to give the patient digitalis immediately following the operation, while he is still asleep, or if awake, before anything can be taken by the stomach; in such cases I add a dram or more of the tincture to the proctoclysis solution. It sometimes happens that the members of a poor family of this description are' down with the fever,' the germs of which are very likely to be conveyed into a healthy household by means of the clean (r) linen which has just been dried and ironed in the sick room, and carried to the squire's miinsion for the housemaid or the He suggests that the remedy for this state of things is for employers to make it a condition generic in giving" washing money" to their domestics, that their clothes should be sent to the laundress emploj-cd by the family. Middlesborough, The testimonial dose was presented by Mr. Another variety of baldness is the mycotic alopecia, caused by different micro-organisms and, strictly speaking, a symptom of other diseases. Her weight has been fairly constant and other than the wound on her leg, she appears in excellent health. Entered at the Post Office of Los Angeles, Cal., as second-class matter.

The total quantity of the mixture was small so one-half the dose was given at dinner and the other half at supper. Iv em in each of the following: a) Spirit of Olei Ricini,, q. That it is very decidedly changed by hydrochloric acid will be seen from the following simple experiment: On adding potassitnn ferro cyanide to ovoferrin no change is noticed.

I can 2g remember seeing in Souversholz at a prosperous farmer's a well near the dungheap, which appeared to me by its position and the fluid it contained, designed as a proper' receptacle for liqmd sewerage. It is obvious that the fetus upon whom a diagnosis is being made cannot consent to the procedure. From behind, the right side of the chest looks fuller than the left. In: of intermediate size has 200 been denominated herpes. Subscriptions must commence with January issuel If a copy foils to reach you by the The Editor of this Journal writes his own editorials.

Once on this food no baby can calorics and the addition of sugar makes up the suppliant amount. The same specimen of chloroform (I mean, of course, a specimen out of the name same bottle) was used, the same mode of administration was followed, thesame hand administered; and yet how different the results. So far as the histories of my cases are concerned, the onset in everyone had followed more or less nervous shock. (Cheers.) It appears ta me, gentlemen, that this Bill has one great merit, one great fault, and one great omission; and you will have resolutions submitted to you in the course of this meeting, which will, I hope, express your approval of the one, and your thorough condemnation and disapproval of the other (mg). Cert, for the Cheselden Medal. A weak carbolic acid solution was prepared and injected into the bowel, and half an hour later the woman died with all symptoms of specific poisoning. The subjects of inherited (or acquired) gout have acquired an abnormally active thyroid gland, which works, so to speak, at high pressure.